UC Alternative Ushers in a New Era, Appointing Co-Founder Raj Gill as CEO

Press Release from UC Alternative

NEW YORK (April 26, 2024) – John Doran, co-founder and CEO of UC Alternative, Inc. announced today that Raj Gill, formerly Senior Vice President, Business Development, is stepping up as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Doran will continue his service as Chairman upon retirement of his CEO role.

"As we look towards the future, it feels right to hand over the baton to Raj. His integral role in the creation of our UC Verify solution, and his profound understanding of our services, strategy, and industry, make him ideally equipped to move the company forward," said Doran.

During his 30-year tenure as UC Alternative's CEO, Doran fundamentally transformed the management of Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs by outside partners. His innovative approach focused on understanding the real cost of UI, which included emphasizing the cost of claims vs. the cost of defending them. By developing a model that prioritizes reducing a client's UI tax rate, businesses can expect at least a 40 percent reduction in unemployment cost.

Applying the same innovative spirit, Doran also reshaped the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), projecting potential credit per client, which resulted in massive lobbying effects that shaped WOTC eligibility categories, meeting both Congressional intent and a budget of $400 billion. Doran's foresight and leadership led to the founding of TBT Enterprises, Inc., prior to the eventual creation of UC Alternative, Inc.

As a co-founder of UC Alternative, Gill has spent his tenure focusing on creating a robust system that maximizes unemployment insurance and employment tax credits for clients. His effective strategies have significantly enhanced the company's revenue growth over the last 14 years.

“I am eager for this new chapter at UC Alternative, as we steer towards investment and expansion,” Gill commented, “With our team's dedication and the innovative service solutions we provide, I'm confident in our potential to drive UC Alternative to unprecedented heights. We have the means to expand our services, and in doing so, relentlessly provide value for our clients. I look forward to working across the organization to model a future for UC Alternative that speaks to the dynamism and resilience of our company."

Gill's leadership is expected to not only uphold but significantly enhance the value of the company's service offerings. His principal focus areas will likely include improving processes, capitalizing on advanced technology, delivering exceptional service, and identifying even more opportunities to facilitate client savings. His appointment as CEO stands as a testament to UC Alternative's commitment to continuous growth and service excellence. His extensive industry experience and deep knowledge of the business are key assets that make him the ideal fit for this role.

About UC Alternative

UC Alternative is an industry-leading organization committed to providing customized unemployment and verification services. By combining more than three decades of expertise with cutting-edge technology, the company aims to significantly reduce unemployment claims costs, thereby driving down UI tax rates. Its robust suite of services allows businesses to focus on their core operations, while UC Alternative manages their unemployment landscape and offers a unique, performance-fee based structure. Additionally, the company offers secure, swift and proficient verification services for employers, handling each request with utmost professionalism. Intelligent, responsive, and customer-centric, UC Alternative is more than just a claims processor; it’s a trusted partner committed to the success of its clients. Learn more at UCAlternative.com.

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