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  • Unemployment Cost Reduction Program

    The real cost of unemployment insurance is not what you pay to defend the claims, it’s the cost of losing them. Unemployment claims do not have to be the cost of doing business. Our team of unemployment specialists have developed a unique formula for success over the last three decades. We raise... Read More
  • Employment & Income Verification

    We offer more verification services -- at no cost. We not only handle commercial employment and income verifications, but we also provide verifications for government agencies, such as social services, child support, subsidized housing, and wage audits. We have a user-friendly, automated system... Read More
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  • Unemployment fraud and COVID-19 By

    Unemployment fraud is gripping most of the country right now. Much of the fraud is due to criminals taking advantage of an overwhelmed system. They obtain and use personally identifiable information (PII) to file for unemployment. In other cases, it is someone who returns to work in the same... Read more
  • UCA Tax Rates Gap By

    Every successful business has a budget strategy to minimize its operating costs. However, re-assessing unemployment taxes, as a part of that process, is often omitted. This could cost an employer thousands of dollars - if not millions, annually. Read more
  • Who Manages the Unemployment Tax Rates? Why Does It Matter? By

    Assessing unemployment tax rates and developing a cost control strategy. Read more
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