TLB 8.6.18

White Papers by HRMC - Human Resource Management Center, Inc.

  • When you make it easy for people to apply... they will!

    Our “Great Recession” has put a bonanza of talent on the market that would not otherwise be looking for a job. Talented, stable workers with very good skills. And yet we sometimes still have difficulty finding a good applicant for some jobs. We can’t put all the blame on our educational...
  • Bypass the Resume Roadblock to Reach Passive Candidates

    There's been a great deal of buzz about passive candidates—those coveted potential employees who are not actively pursuing other job opportunities. Obviously, companies prize and pursue them because they represent the most talented and productive segment of the workforce. As top performers,...
  • Quality of Hire Begins with Quality of Hiring

    It typically takes about three months for a hiring manager to know whether he or she has made the right decision. What if you could see three months into the future? What if you could replace the traditional resume/interview process with a pre-hire performance review where you could assess a...
  • Artificial Intelligence Meets Talent Acquisition Solutions: The Future is Here

    This paper explains what artificial intelligence is, how it applies to the world of talent acquisition solutions, and how a talent acquisition solution that can react to situations can maximize success and increase the value staffing and recruitment brings to the organization.