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  • Transforming Employee Onboarding with an Immersive Virtual Reality Training Solution

    In this eBook you will learn how powerful Virtual Reality (VR) can have be in the employee onboarding process. By bringing a simulated, replicated experience to learners they are able to get an authentic training experience. Download this eBook to explore these topics and more: 1. VR advantages...
  • Developing a Mobile Learning Solution that Embraces Anytime Anywhere Learning

    In this eBook you will learn about the various benefits of mobile learning solutions and discover key factors of this training approach that will ensure the most effective delivery to your workforce. The key chapters include: 1. The Importance of Anytime Anywhere Learning in the Modern...
  • Designing Digitally - Online Learning Case Study Highlights Brochure

    A brochure that highlights a wide range of learning solutions developed by our team.
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Employee Training

    Investing in an employee training program for your staff but failing to evaluate its performance and productivity is not a sound company decision. How do you know what your members are learning and the impacts it has had on the organization overall? Was it worth the costs and time? Did you reach...