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  • Partnership Success Model

    Designing Digitally’s Partnership Success Model breaks down the trusted process we utilize to ensure every partnership we establish leads to effective learning and positive business results - Consult, Develop, and Support. By following this model, we can identify your objectives upfront,... Read More
  • Training Needs Analysis

    At Designing Digitally, we conduct an in-depth Training Needs Analysis, in order to identify your target audience’s performance gaps and uncover the root cause. We also research critical elements related to demographics, physiological and social needs, and prior education. This analysis outlines... Read More
  • Custom e-Learning

    We create custom eLearning designed specifically for your training objectives. Our courses ensure strong retention of information and provide innovative ways to change your learner's behaviors. Each learning ecosystem developed by Designing Digitally is tailored to the customer's eLearning... Read More

Content by Designing Digitally, Inc.

  • Transforming Employee Onboarding with an Immersive Virtual Reality Training Solution By

    In this eBook you will learn how powerful Virtual Reality (VR) can have be in the employee onboarding process. By bringing a simulated, replicated experience to learners they are able to get an authentic training experience. Download this eBook to explore these topics and more: 1. VR advantages... Read more
  • Developing a Mobile Learning Solution that Embraces Anytime Anywhere Learning By

    In this eBook you will learn about the various benefits of mobile learning solutions and discover key factors of this training approach that will ensure the most effective delivery to your workforce. The key chapters include: 1. The Importance of Anytime Anywhere Learning in the Modern... Read more
  • Designing Digitally - Online Learning Case Study Highlights Brochure By

    A brochure that highlights a wide range of learning solutions developed by our team. Read more

Clients of Designing Digitally, Inc.

    • Procter and Gamble (P&G)
    • PING
    • Terminix
    • Road Systems, Inc.
    • Save-A-Lot
    • Hewlett Packard (HP)
    • Checkers and Rally's
    • United States Census Bureau
    • The State of Vermont
    • The France Foundation
    • National Compliance Management Services (NCMS)
    • Bridgestone
    • U.S. Army
    • CareSource
    • U.S. Department of Justice
    • LongHorn

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