Products by PlanPILOT
  • Provider Consultation

    PlanPILOT’s approach to recordkeeper consultation relates to knowing the core services available and the appropriate fees that you and your plan participants should be paying for the services you are actually receiving. We have often discovered that plan sponsors are not fully aware of their... Read More
  • OCIO Search

    Let PlanPILOT guide you through the time and effort-consuming process of selecting or evaluating an OCIO provider. We are fully committed to making the search for your OCIO provider easier and more efficient. PlanPILOT is actively engaged in providing an objective, independent approach to... Read More
  • Cybersecurity

    As a forward-thinking consulting firm, PlanPILOT is vigilant about reducing a multitude of risks for our plan sponsor clients, especially cybersecurity. Retirement plans specifically are an extensive source of valuable information for cyber criminals. Data that is transferred to the... Read More
White Papers by PlanPILOT
  • Who is a Fiduciary? By

    Asking the Right Questions to Ensure Intentional Fiduciary Roles Read more
  • ESG & Retirement Plans: The Case for Greater Compatibility By

    Environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) investing is growing in its understanding, acceptance and usage in the retirement plan industry. While considering the use of these strategies, it is an important part of plan fiduciary oversight to assess them thoughtfully and consistent with ERISA’s... Read more
  • Protecting Your Retirement Plan From Lawsuits: “What keeps you awake at night?” By

    In today’s retirement plan world, the expanding role of the retirement plan fiduciary and the threat of lawsuits is likely to be near the top of responses to that question. While there can be no assurance of being able to avoid litigation, there are steps a plan sponsor can take to minimize the... Read more