White Papers by People Element

  • Diversity Inclusion and Belonging in the Workplace

    Organizations that prioritize diversity and inclusion among their employees often see improvements in employee engagement, increased productivity, and lower turnover. Understand what happens when you foster a culture that values diversity, inclusion and belonging, and learn the steps to include...
  • Improving Manager Effectiveness & Performance

    Few things have as much of an impact on your employees as their manager. By measuring manager effectiveness, leaders gain a better understanding of specific opportunity areas that management can improve upon, along with actionable steps to follow, leading to increased employee engagement,...
  • Measuring & Monitoring Employee Well-being

    In these unprecedented times, employees are experiencing challenging circumstances and uncertainty, and their well-being is taking a toll. Managers and leaders need to understand the factors behind employee well-being, the impact well-being has on organizational performance, and why it's...
  • COVID-19 Workplace Impact Study

    We surveyed thousands of employees about their perceptions on how the pandemic has affected their work experience, and how employers are managing the crisis and what they can do better. In this special report you will learn: -Top themes -Highest and lowest rated items -Summary of...
  • How Workforce Intelligence Can Improve Your Business

    When you know how to turn your workforce data into actionable insights, you can start making an impact and improve the employee experience. Learn how workforce intelligence can help with selection, onboarding, engagement, and retention.
  • Nursing Shortage Statistics

    From cost of turnover to new hire turnover rates, we discuss some of the most important statistics of the nursing shortage that you need to know as well as the factors behind them.