White Papers by People Element

  • How to Get Managers to Act on Survey Data

    Survey data is only valuable when it's acted upon. Find out how to setup action planning that's designed to really work, and best practices for getting others onboard and establishing accountability so that managers will take data to action.
  • Determining The Cause Of First-Year Nursing Turnover

    While early turnover in any profession is an issue, it's especially problematic in healthcare. Learn what makes first year nursing turnover unique, and strategies and tools that will help address it so you can keep more of the new hires you bring onboard.
  • How to Get Better Results from Action Planning

    Creating meaningful organizational change can be a leader's most important and most difficult job. Following these tips will help simplify the process of action planning and lead to more consistent and effective results.
  • Benefits of Effective Leadership Communication

    Whether a company has 5 employees or 5000 employees, it's up to leaders and managers to ensure everyone is kept informed on a consistent basis. Learn about how improved communication from leadership can positively impact engagement and morale, along with some simple steps for achieving better...
  • Making the Most of Your Exit Interview Data

    Conducting exit interviews as part of your retention strategy is one thing, but leveraging the intelligence you obtain is where where most miss the mark. Learn how to improve your processes to get the most from your exit interview data and realize improved retention faster.
  • The Difference Between An Actively Engaged Employee and A 'Satisfied' One

    While they are often grouped together, engagement and satisfaction are often assumed to be the same when in fact they are very different. Learn the key differences between engagement and satisfaction and how each impacts your workforce.
  • The Administrator’s Guide to Retaining Nurses

    The nursing shortage continues to be a significant HR crisis for the healthcare industry. In this whitepaper we share top reasons behind voluntary RN turnover and compare these to top reasons for all healthcare turnover, helping identify what makes RN turnover unique. We then dive into specific...
  • Taking Action on your Workforce Data

    Most organizations that collect workforce data often become overwhelmed by it and unsure what steps to take with it. Find out some simple steps you can take to help make sure the right people know how to take the right action on your data.
  • 360 Degree Feedback: What Makes It Work

    360 degree feedback is a powerful professional development tool when done properly. Learn what to consider when developing a 360 degree feedback process, and how to make the most of the feedback you collect to realize improved performance.
  • The Hidden Costs of Nursing Turnover

    In this whitepaper we share not only turnover costs but also the associated hiring and recruiting costs, as well as top reasons behind nursing turnover and effective ways to overcome these.
  • Using Personality Assessments to Hire for Fit

    Selecting the right person for the right job is critical. Learn how assessments make this task easier, and what to consider when evaluating and selecting an assessment tool.
  • Managing Generational Differences in the Workplace

    Never before have there been so many different generations in the workplace at the same time. The better you can understand these differences, the more you can identify the value each brings to the table, leading to better teamwork and productivity.
  • Diversity Inclusion and Belonging in the Workplace

    Organizations that prioritize diversity and inclusion among their employees often see improvements in employee engagement, increased productivity, and lower turnover. Understand what happens when you foster a culture that values diversity, inclusion and belonging, and learn the steps to include...
  • Improving Manager Effectiveness & Performance

    Few things have as much of an impact on your employees as their manager. By measuring manager effectiveness, leaders gain a better understanding of specific opportunity areas that management can improve upon, along with actionable steps to follow, leading to increased employee engagement,...
  • Measuring & Monitoring Employee Well-being

    In these unprecedented times, employees are experiencing challenging circumstances and uncertainty, and their well-being is taking a toll. Managers and leaders need to understand the factors behind employee well-being, the impact well-being has on organizational performance, and why it's...
  • COVID-19 Workplace Impact Study

    We surveyed thousands of employees about their perceptions on how the pandemic has affected their work experience, and how employers are managing the crisis and what they can do better. In this special report you will learn: -Top themes -Highest and lowest rated items -Summary of...
  • Tackling Driver Turnover with Fleet Manager Training

    Learn what Eagle Transport identified as the top reasons behind their turnover found by using engagement and exit data along with leveraging fleet manager training, resulting in savings of over 20% in turnover costs and an improved management team.
  • Predicting Organizational Re-entry: Work, Leader and Organizational Factors

    This study examines how constructs measured in exit interviews, like culture, leadership, and workload, relate to intentions to remain in the same career, willingness to return to the same location, and willingness to return to the same department.
  • How Nussbaum Transportation Takes a Different Approach to Employee Engagement

    In this article we explore how Nussbaum Transportation achieves low turnover and an engaged workforce while facing some of the biggest challenges in the industry.
  • 21 Best Practices for Driver Recruitment & Retention

    Whether you are looking for new ways to recruit drivers or seeking to improve your driver retention rates, this guide provides tips and strategies you can start doing immediately.
  • How Workforce Intelligence Can Improve Your Business

    When you know how to turn your workforce data into actionable insights, you can start making an impact and improve the employee experience. Learn how workforce intelligence can help with selection, onboarding, engagement, and retention.
  • Nursing Shortage Statistics

    From cost of turnover to new hire turnover rates, we discuss some of the most important statistics of the nursing shortage that you need to know as well as the factors behind them.