10/25/21- SHRM- TLB

Content by Peagram Consulting

  • Workplace Harassment Training

    With the end of year in sight, we all need to complete our workplace harassment training to stay compliant. Peagram Consulting is offering a 2-hour live employee training weekly.
  • Sex Harassment Prevention Training Checklist

    The following document breaks down the important components needed in a sexual harassment training. The checklist is in compliance with California, New York, and Illinois. Trainings must be at least 2-hour. Sessions can be done in person or conducted online.
  • Best Strategies to Report Workplace and Sexual Harassment

    These are simple tips to help remind employees the importance of reporting and documenting workplace and sexual harassment. Reviewing with your employees the policy and procedures for reporting helps them feel more comfortable with the process and clarifies the "how and why".
  • Positive Journal Prompts

    The following worksheet is helpful to start your day on a positive note. The journal prompts are designed to bring positive thoughts, intentions, and emotions to your day. By shifting our thinking, we can increase opportunities to prosper and bring new ideas to light. Positive thoughts lead to...
  • Behavioral Monitoring Sheets

    The following worksheet is to help track behaviors, patterns, and find distractors. From identifying our distractors, we can better plan our tasks and manage our time.
  • 5 Tips for Stopping Workplace Bullying and Harassment

    Report the bullying situation to your Supervisor or HR Business Partner. After speaking with the determined individual, take the time to document the incident and follow up if needed. Make sure the incident is being addressed.
  • Best Strategies of Reporting Sexual and Workplace Harassment

    A few strategies when reporting sexual or workplace harassment
  • Signs of Workplace Harassment or Bullying

    The following is a list of signs that might indicate workplace harassment or bullying in your organization.
  • Presentation and Facilitation Skills Tips

    A great resource for presentation and training skills
  • Best Practices for Conflict De-Escalation

    Be clear on the goal and the direction of the conversation. Explain that you want to resolve and move forward.
  • Diversity Simulation Sample Program

    The following sample program is designed to layout the purpose, objectives for a Diversity Simulation. We will incorporate team building concepts, interactive discussions, collaborative action planning, and strategies that are directly applicable to the organization.
  • Signs of Bullying in the Workplace

    The following is a list of signs that might indicate workplace bullying in your organization. Workplace bullying is when a professional intentionally harms another using their power over a period of time. It can be your boss, colleague, employee, vendor, client, manager, or any leader within...
  • Transition Statements to Fuel Effective Communication

    Next time you are faced with a difficult conversation or resistance, try one of these statements to help fuel connection, find constructive ways to resolve the conflict, and build more positive relationships.
  • Best Practices to Communicate as a Team

    It is important to share information, as well as listen to each other. Oftentimes, we get so busy that when we think something is not relevant to our jobs, we disengage and work on something else. By doing so, we are missing out on valuable information that could help us be more successful.
  • Time Management and Organizational Skills

    Time management is essential for success. The keys to time management are: knowing how you spend your time so that you can eliminate time wasters and handle potential distracters efficiently; prioritizing your activities, avoiding multi-tasking, and creating goals for each project. Time...
  • Reducing Drama, Social Conflict, & Negative Behaviors in the Workplace

    • Identify potential issues that may stir up conflict • Praise employee’s strengths and give positive feedback • Identify employee’s weaknesses in managing conflict and help with best practices • Address the situation immediately • Model appropriate behavior when working in teams • Avoid...
  • Combatting Workplace Discrimination Against Trans-People

    Since the creation of labor unions and successful civil rights movements rooted in equal rights for people of color and women, organizations have taken great strides in affording their employees with equal opportunities and equal treatment.
  • Implicit and Unconscious Bias

    Meaningful diversity and inclusion initiatives are integral components of any successful modern organization. The benefits of recognizing the need to embrace and foster a diverse and inclusive work environment are also significant and range from increased innovation to creative problem solving...
  • Building Diverse & Inclusive Organization

    In today’s digital age, we are first-hand witnesses to the rapid globalization that has been occurring in the world around us. Thanks to advancements in technology, we also have the ability to connect instantaneously with one another from anywhere and at any point in time. As such, this...
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques and Tools

    Resolving conflict requires active listening, clear communication, building a rapport, and finding a resolution to a situation. Here are the common techniques in resolving conflict.
  • Sample Agenda: Sexual Harassment Training

    The culture revamp and preventative workplace sexual harassment training program incorporates team building concepts, interactive discussions, collaborative action-planning, and strategies that are directly applicable to the organization. The focus is to identify, address, and prevent workplace...
  • Workplace Breaks and Positive Health Habits

    A growing amount of research is beginning to look at the benefits of taking breaks and promoting positive health habits at work. Sedentary behavior is on the rise and especially affects those working in an office setting. Additionally, there is mixed research regarding types of breaks at work...
  • How to Conduct an Effective Sexual Harassment Training

    Oftentimes when we think about sexual harassment training, we think of the 1980’s videos of poor reenactments of what is acceptable and unacceptable in the workplace. The trainings are largely monotonous, and it is all about rules and regulations; we pay for our employees to sit through a...
  • Team Building this Holiday Season

    Unwrap these amazing benefits by booking your holiday event with Peagram Consulting