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Impact Suite

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About Impact Suite

  • Help your employees improve their life and find healing and recovery through our suite of evidence-based digital wellness apps. Roughly 1 in 3 of your employees is struggling with addiction or mental health issues. Now you can help your team find healing and recovery through our suite of evidence-based digital wellness apps, 1 on 1 coaching with credentialed lifestyle experts, and unlimited tele-therapy sessions with a clinical therapist. Because our tools offer increased accessibility and complete anonymity, our average adoption and utilization rates are 4-6 times greater than the industry standard (at a fraction of their cost)... and, over 90% of individuals utilizing our tools, report a life-changing impact. Visit our website and setup a demo to learn more.
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Products by Impact Suite

  • Lift

    Science-based support for lasting emotional healing from depression and anxiety. Mental health issues are at an all-time high, impacting a staggering 1 in 3 Americans. The difference between some hope and no hope is huge. Even small adjustments in your life can lead to measurable improvements... Read more
  • Turn

    Science-based support for lasting healing from substance abuse. Highly engaged Turn users report an 88% decrease in addictive/compulsive behavior, with the average user reporting a 25% decrease in symptoms. Turn can help you: Learn - Train at your own pace. Gain encouraging insights and... Read more
  • Fortify

    You're not alone. Join tens of thousands from around the world using Fortify to find healing and recovery from sexual compulsivity. Fortify can help you: Learn - Train at your own pace. Gain encouraging insights and practical tips through Fortify's comprehensive training and expert Q&A... Read more

Content by Impact Suite

  • Complimentary Support for Mental Health and Behavioral Struggles By

    As the scope of mental health and addiction in America continues to grow, counselors and doctors are doing everything they possibly can to help. There is a growing appreciation for the role digital tools can play to expand reach and complement care. These tools bring together key findings in... Read more