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  • Life Advisor EAP

    Most Employee Assistance Programs look the same on the surface, with a predictable set of services that all claim to meet your precise needs, when in fact, they deliver very different results. The current practice for many EAP providers is to sell you what you want, then deliver a program that... Read More
  • Life Advisor Wellness Programs

    By choosing the best wellness program for your company, you can make a difference in both your employees’ health-related wellness behaviors and your bottom line. For every $1 you invest in a wellness program you can save $3 to $5 in healthcare costs as your employees reduce their risk behaviors... Read More
  • Human Effectiveness Training

    Today your organization is forced to do more with less, so your employees need tools to become a smarter, more capable workforce. How well equipped they are really depends on you. You can affordably provide your employees with a genuine training solution that gives them real, transferable skills... Read More
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  • How Employers Can Help Their Employees During this Stressful Time of Year By

    Holiday-induced depression shares its symptoms with major depression, except that it rears its ugly head during the holiday season. Read more
  • Our Top 12 Recipes to Get you Through the Holidays! TASTY TIDBITS! By

    The holidays are upon us once again, so we decided to put together our top 12 recipes for you to use pre, during and post holiday celebrations! Read more
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance Toolkit By

    This toolkit is intended to help employers that sponsor group health plans understand their compliance obligations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It also provides sample resources to help employers comply with HIPAA’s documentation requirements for their... Read more
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