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About ElderHonor

  • At ElderHonor, our mission is to honor our parents. They planned for our arrival, protected us when we were not able to take care of ourselves, watched over us as we took our first steps, cared for us as we went through the trials of growing up, and launched us into the world.

    Through it all, they did what they thought best for us, now it's our time to care for them as they age. At ElderHonor, we honor our seniors by acknowledging their wisdom, their lives, and their wishes.

    Fifty million people in the world are over 65. Probabilities are very high that you will be providing care for one or more of them soon. You may also be one of these people looking for a way to prepare your family members ahead of time. Elder Honor can help you make confident decisions through that journey by reducing stress and anxiety so you can spend more quality time connecting.

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Products by ElderHonor

  • Complete Caregiving Toolkit EAP

    Caregiving responsibilities for aging parents takes a toll on employees as they juggle responsibilities at work and at home. Providing time off under FMLA is a good start but is not enough. ElderHonor offers a solution to help employees through this journey with an EAP. THE PROBLEM • 61% of... Read more
  • One-Day Workshop

    We know you care about your employees, so we developed a way to help them plan for caregiving, whether they are just starting out or in the throes of care. We take our One-on-Family sessions to your office for a one-day, in-depth workshop with the families of your employees. -Set a full day for... Read more
  • One-on-Family Coaching

    For those that needing additional help, we offer our one-of-a-kind One-on-Family Coaching with someone on our team to guide and work directly with all the involved family members. -This is 100% online so all you need is a computer to connect. -We make it easy with seven (7), 90 minute weekly... Read more

Content by ElderHonor

  • Aging-In-Place - eBook By

    8 Key Areas to Improve Your Home To Age-In-Place Read more
  • Are You Ready to have THAT Conversation with Your Parents? By

    You remember “The Conversation,” don’t you? Everybody dreads it. You can almost see it coming. Your parents both look as serious as you’ve ever seen them. They sit way too close to you. There’s a lot of deep breaths, sighs, and them looking at each other as if to say, “you start.” Sometimes it’s... Read more