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  • FMLA and Leave of Absence

    Manage an increasingly complex absence process in a compliant, automated, and uniform manner. AbsenceSoft is purpose-built for HR teams to solve the complexity of leave management with an all-in-one cloud-based solution, processing leaves 10 times faster. This enables you to focus on the human... Read More
  • ADA

    Streamlined and compliant experience for employees and managers for managing accommodations alongside or independently of a leave case, providing a holistic view of each scenario. A lot of companies are scrambling when an ADA request comes in. -Over 61 million working Americans have... Read More
  • Disability Management

    Allow users to easily manage the disability portion of a case alongside leave legislation, as well as true medical management of a disability diagnosis. With AbsenceSoft disability management solution, users can manage the STD/LTD portion of a case with the leave and legislative portion,... Read More

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  • Infographic: The 5 W's of Unpaid State Family Medical Leave By

    We know that managing all of the leave laws and knowing which ones apply to your employees is a challenge. There are always a lot of changes to keep up with, especially with all of the recent enactments and amendments! It’s crucial, now more than ever, to be familiar with state family... Read more
  • Infographic: The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) By

    Whether you're a pro at managing the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or still trying to gather information about it, we have a great new resource for you! We've created a new FMLA infographic to bring you up-to-date statistics and information, all about the FMLA!As you may or may not know, the... Read more
  • Infographic: Pregnancy & Parental Leave In America By

    When it comes to pregnancy and parental leave, it can be difficult to navigate the maze of paid and unpaid leave and accommodation laws that can apply, not to mention organizational policies! In fact, managing all of the various types of leave laws that apply to employees is slated to be one of... Read more