Make Believe Works

Unique Team Building to Fuel Work Culture

306 Gold Street, 21C
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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About Make Believe Works

Make Believe Works is a company dedicated to building emotional wellness through creativity, community, and play.

Individually, the sessions are designed to inspire introspection, build bonds between colleagues, and refuel creative confidence. But taken as a whole, Make Believe Works has an even deeper resonance. It helps build the emotional muscles to deal with uncertainty, push back on uniformity, and navigate unexpected change.

Products by Make Believe Works

By Make Believe Works

Stand-Alone Workshops Injections of inspiration and insight to disrupt the everyday, revive creative energy, or boost innovative thinking. Read more »

By Make Believe Works

Multi-Session Series Custom-designed arc of workshops that activate new behaviors and build new mindsets. (Typically six or twelve sessions, hosted bi-weekly or monthly.) Read more »

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