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About ZoomInfo Recruiting

  • Find, reach and connect with talent faster. Source ideal candidates with a recruitment database fueled by best-in-class contact data.

    Give your candidate pipeline a promotion. As a recruiter, you need to know who to reach and how to reach them. Reduce the time to hire and find passive candidates with TalentOS.
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Products by ZoomInfo Recruiting

  • TalentOS

    Reach The Best And The Brightest: - Contact information: Access over 150M+ candidate contact information, including business and personal email and phone numbers. - Candidate details: Discover talent by job functions, titles, and years of experience, and more. - Roles & responsibilities:... Read more
  • ZoomInfo Engage

    Create more conversations with access to ZoomInfo Engage. Build multi-touch email campaigns that automate candidate outreach and set-up direct dial lists. Easily add candidates to campaigns as you source and trigger outreach based on response rates and engagement. Read more