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  • Talent Acquisition

    Harrison's Talent Acquisition solution enables you to hire the right talent - and do it quickly. Filter and rank the best candidates before you review resumes or interview. Quickly identify, interview, attract, and hire the best candidates using predictive analytics. Our award-winning... Read More
  • Talent Development

    Harrison provides powerful insights to develop individuals and organizations. These analytics are used by our customers globally to maximize their talent development budget. For individuals this includes role placement, executive coaching, performance development, individual development plans,... Read More
  • Leadership Development

    Leaders are required to manage apparently conflicting needs on a daily basis. Paradoxical Leadership methodology allows managers to understand this balancing act and expand their leadership capabilities to maximize organizational performance. Leaders gain the essential understanding of their... Read More
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  • The 4 Pillars of Effective Succession Planning: Redefining Traditional Models By

    Many organizations have addressed the near-term succession challenges by hiring retired employees as consultants, or implemented policies such as flex hours, telecommuting, part time and job sharing. While these tactics help bridge the gap, they do not represent a solid strategic approach to... Read more