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About SmartConnect

SmartConnect is a no cost, Medicare educational resource designed to support your HR team, employees, retirees their friends and family members. SmartConnect provides an unfiltered view of the Medicare marketplace to ensure your employees receive unbiased Medicare advice on what to consider while working and being eligible for Medicare. No matter your industry, geographic footprint or size, we have a solution designed for you!

Whether an employee plans to continue working or is transitioning to retirement, SmartConnect tailors solutions designed around you and your employees needs. The SmartConnect team is carrier agnostic and licensed in all 50 states to accommodate all organizations. SmartConnect simplifies the world of Medicare for both HR teams and their employees by providing an unfiltered view around the do's and don’ts of Medicare.

Products by SmartConnect

By SmartConnect

SMARTCONNECT - YOUR MEDICARE RESOURCE SmartConnect acts as an extension of your employee benefit offerings. We'll help your employees compare their current group benefits with Medicare to help identify what coverage is right for them and their family members. We explain everything about Medicare through personalized consultations... Read more »

By SmartConnect

SMARTCONNECT'S BENEFITS GPS SmartConnect’s Benefits GPS is a digital one-stop-shop for anyone interested in learning more about Medicare or desires a guided shopping experience. Visitors can download Medicare resources and learn about Medicare plan options available in their area. The goal is to empower your people to feel... Read more »

By SmartConnect

ONDEMAND EDUCATIONAL MEDICARE RESOURCES Do you have employees that are Medicare eligible and need help deciding if Medicare is right for them? SmartConnect is here to empower your HR teams and people by providing unbiased Medicare Advocacy so your employees have a healthcare plan that fits all their needs. Each organization is... Read more »

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