Businessolver Leads HR Technology Market Disruption with Key Leadership Hires and Renewed Investment into AI Product Roadmap

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WEST DES MOINES, IOWA (August 2, 2023)— Businessolver® , a leading SaaS-based benefits and HR technology platform today announced their mid-year 2023 innovation results and upcoming product commitments to further the growth, adoption, and success of benefits and artificial intelligence (AI) for HR efficiency and employee benefits engagement.

“Since day one, Businessolver has been focused on driving a better benefits experience for our clients and their members,” said Jon Shanahan, Businessolver CEO and President. “Benefits and employees’ expectations have evolved over the past few years and our consistent commitment to innovation and empathy has enabled us to keep pace with a rapidly changing market. Our dedication to being a market leader is founded in delivering delight and efficiencies for our clients.”

Businessolver continues to invest in and expand on proprietary AI

In May 2023, Businessolver announced key product innovations to expand AI and dynamic personalization throughout Benefitsolver™ and service center technology.

“AI and personalization are quickly becoming the new technology table stakes,” said Rae Shanahan, Businessolver Chief Strategy Officer. “We’ve been committed to disrupting the HR and benefits market through our innovation with AI for the past six years and we’re excited to continue to lead with tools and technology that serve our clients and their members.”

Businessolver is a market leader in HR AI technology, launching Sofia SM , Businessolver’s proprietary AI virtual benefits assistant, in 2017. Earlier this year, Businessolver announced plans to enhance Sofia’s existing and proprietary AI and large-language models with Microsoft Azure’s HIPAA-compliant OpenAI to enhance Sofia’s natural language processing abilities. This innovation will expand Sofia’s ability to analyze employees’ complex questions and provides greater opportunities for Sofia to understand the user’s sentiment.

Businessolver’s additional product enhancements demonstrate market-leading innovation

  • AI-Supported Call Center Technology:  Innovation in service extends beyond Businessolver’s benefits technology. In the first half of 2023, Businessolver developed new AI models to auto-transcribe all calls into their fully onshore service center. They integrated Microsoft Azure OpenAI to auto-summarize those calls and attached that summary to the case embedded within their single-source technology. This unique innovation will reduce manual effort by the Businessolver call center representatives and bring more data and reporting to customers. Additionally, Businessolver introduced an AI-driven IVR menu that dynamically serves up menu options most relevant to each individual employee as they call in.
  • Optimized Portal Experience:  In June of 2023, Businessolver introduced a new portal experience to ensure employees have the most effective experience within Benefitsolver. The portal design leveraged extensive user experience research and testing to design a streamlined navigation experience and improved access to all benefits information, ensuring employees successfully elect and manage benefits throughout the year.
  • Updated MyChoice Mobile App Consumer Spending Accounts Experience:  As more employees leverage their phone to enroll and manage their benefits, Businessolver continues to focus efforts on creating a superior app experience. With four updates to the app in 2023 to date, the most exciting innovation was bringing the full consumer accounts claim experience into the app, allowing employees to easily track their claim history for their spending accounts directly from the MyChoice Mobile App.
  • Enhanced Dependent Access:  Spouses and domestic partners require access to their benefits information just as often as the employee who is the policy holder. That’s why Businessolver invested in upgrading the dependent access to their Benefitsolver and MyChoice Mobile App platforms. Spouses can review benefits for which they are enrolled, access key well-being programs, and update their communication preferences from the experience.

Businessolver announces Jeff Mortland to Chief Sales Officer

Jeff Mortland was named to Chief Sales Officer in February 2023. With more than 30 years of experience in the HR and benefits technology space and over 12 years spent in executive roles at Businessolver, Jeff has spent his career working with employers of all sizes to help them reach their strategic organizational goals through innovative consultative solutions. As the chief sales officer, Jeff’s day-to-day focus is enabling Businessolver to deliver personalized benefits, backed by quality service and rooted in empathy.

“Jeff’s experience within the benefits administration space is unmatched, providing strategy and solutions for employers as they build out their benefits technology profile,” said Jon Shanahan. “Additionally, this promotion further extends the longevity and tenure within Businessolver’s executive team which is something especially important to me as we look to bring stability within our industry.”

Businessolver continues focus on organizational excellence and community impact

Businessolver has achieved key culture and product recognition, including being named to Forbes America’s Best Employers List for the second year in a row, earning a finalist spot on Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators 2023: Science and Technology, earning a finalist spot on the SaaS Awards 2023 Shortlist, and earning an honorable mention in Ragan’s Employee Communication Awards.

In May of 2023, the Foundation embarked on its  to Louisville, Kentucky, to support the local efforts with Hand in Hand, The Hope Buss, Tip It Forward, and Make-A-Wish. Businessolver employees (Solvers) spent a week volunteering with these organizations to build accessible spaces, delivering meals, distributing wellness and healthcare items, and granting wishes for those in need and under-served.

About Businessolver

Since 1998, Businessolver has delivered market-changing benefits technology and services supported by an intrinsic responsiveness to client needs. The company creates client programs that maximize benefits program investment, minimize risk exposure, and engage employees with easy-to-use solutions and communication tools to assist them in making wise and cost-efficient benefits selections. Founded by HR professionals, Businessolver’s unwavering service-oriented culture and secure SaaS platform provide measurable success in its mission to provide complete client delight.

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