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We are Recruiters, HR professionals and Organizational Psychologists who together help companies hire and manage their workforce.

Corporate recruiting services include Recruitment Outsourcing (RPO), Executive Search, Call Center Hiring and College/Campus Recruiting.

HR services include Onboarding/New Hire Support, Talent Management & HR Strategy, HR Expert Witness and Fractional CHRO services.

Products by The WorkPlace Group®

By The WorkPlace Group®

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services are perfect for: - Sourcing, Screening, & Qualifying Job Candidates Below the Executive Level - Recruiting College Interns and Graduates - Recruiting for New Locations - High-Volume Hiring - Recruiting for Seasonal Hiring Needs - Scalable... Read more »

By The WorkPlace Group®

Call Center Hiring Call Center hiring services provide a managed recruiting team that scales to carefully recruit and qualify the talent you need when you need it. We bring a network of over 700,000 candidates and expert behavioral assessments to your organization. Read more »

By The WorkPlace Group®

College & Campus Recruiting College Recruiting Services help you recruit students and recent graduates for both internships and entry-level positions across universities, colleges and trade schools. Read more »

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Employee Referrals Are Not Always the Best Hire

Employee Referrals Are Not Always the Best Hire

Employee Referrals Are Not Always the Best Hire

By The WorkPlace Group®

Hiring managers often extend job offers to employee referrals without interviewing other candidates. When other candidates are interviewed, the employee referral is still most likely to receive the job offer. This outcome should not come as a surprise. Logically, there should be less risk in...
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