Products by Intertek Alchemy
  • Frontline Worker Training Courses

    Ensure your employees understand, retain, and apply training. Intertek Alchemy's award-winning and highly interactive courses are designed specifically for on-the-floor manufacturing workers. Our comprehensive library of short courses is also customizable to easily insert site-specific... Read More
  • Learning Management System: LMS Training in Manufacturing Environments

    Alchemy Manager™ is a unique LMS (learning management system) tailored to meet the unique challenges of manufacturing, distribution, and food production environments. Group-based ILT Training: -Train up to 150 learners at once for max efficiency & consistency -Create a fun learning experience... Read More
  • Customized Workforce Training and Course Development Solutions

    Easy Courseware Development with Alchemy Creator™ Workers are more likely to pay attention, comprehend, and retain knowledge when training content features the same environment and context of their actual workplace. Use Alchemy Creator™ to easily add site-specific SOPs, photos, video, and more... Read More
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