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  • Competency Manager

    A competency and credentialing management system that provides a framework for individual competency. Allows organizations to train employees, manage learning pathways, track credentials, and reduce risk. BENEFITS: -Enhance Training and Competency -Manage Credentials -Reduce... Read More
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  • How to Upskill and Reskill Core Competencies By

    The core competencies of your team will inevitably change over time. As technology progresses and customers demand new products and services, you’ll either be forced to adapt or will lose footing in the marketplace. The skills that your team uses now will... Read more
  • Credentialing Software Beyond the Healthcare Industry By

    Credentialing is an important task in a variety of industries, especially in those where there are health and safety concerns such as law enforcement, construction, or manufacturing. When there are legal requirements to credentialing... Read more
  • How to Make Credentialing Easier Using Software By

    Credentialing is the “verification of a person's education, training and experience” according to the compliance company HCPro. This process... Read more
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