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  • Competency Manager

    A competency and credentialing management system that provides a framework for individual competency. Allows organizations to train employees, manage learning pathways, track credentials, and reduce risk. BENEFITS: -Enhance Training and Competency -Manage Credentials -Reduce... Read More
White Papers by CABEM Technologies
  • Trained Vs. Competent Employees By

    While training is a necessary step, it may not be enough to prove competence and ensure peace of mind. In today’s world of regulations and standards it is no longer enough to simply train your workforce. Organizations must establish an employee development program that... Read more
  • Competency Management is the Future of Learning and Development By

    raining employees today is very different than it used to be. Many organizations have realized the benefit of using an online training software, with the LMS (learning management system) market projected to grow almost 4x by 2022. But even with all of the LMS offerings, customers are still not... Read more
  • How Competency Management Improves Learning Management Systems By

    Learning Management Systems (LMS) are utilized by countless organizations to train employees throughout various stages of their careers. But according to recent studies, they may not be as effective as once believed... Read more
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