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  • Competency Manager

    A competency and credentialing management system that provides a framework for individual competency. Allows organizations to train employees, manage learning pathways, track credentials, and reduce risk. BENEFITS: -Enhance Training and Competency -Manage Credentials -Reduce... Read More
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  • 10 Best Credentialing Software Companies of 2019 By

    Credentialing software is used for organizations to store, track, and update the necessary credentials and certifications of its members. In many cases the process of tracking all necessary credentials is tedious and time consuming. We show you the best options out there in the market for... Read more
  • How Competency Management Appeals to the Millennial Generation By

    Millennials bring a different attitude to the workplace than prior generations, and with that, new challenges for businesses and their leadership. Focusing on competency management can be an effective way to... Read more
  • Core Competencies and Innovation: How Google, Facebook, and You Can Formalize Innovation By

    How is it that some companies continue to be successful and innovative for years, even decades? In any field this is a challenge, and even more so with the rapidly changing technology landscape. Companies that excel across decades can do this because they successfully implement... Read more
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