• The Science, Art, & Whimsy of Making Salary Adjustments Following a Proactive Pay Equity Study

    This paper specifically addresses the myriad of strategies that consider the legal requirements for engaging in a race/ethnicity and/or sex based remediation strategy while at the same time making appropriate salary adjustments that take into account an employer’s legitimate compensation practices.
  • The Business Case for Pay Equity

    Why should pay equity matter to your company? Paying employees equitably is the right thing to do. It also makes the most business sense.
  • How Organizations are Approaching Pay Equity Studies Amid Complex and Ever-Changing Regulatory Requi

    The issue of pay discrimination has been a major focus for regulators and employers over the past few decades. In light of pressure from new state and international pay equity laws, as well as shareholder pressure, many organizations are conducting pay equity studies to discern whether barriers...