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    The Approach Frame of Mind Coaching™ delivers intimate, intense and powerful executive coaching to highly driven leaders, executives and entrepreneurs. We help our clients experience personal and professional transformation at record-breaking speed. Our philosophy is simple. As a leader, your... Read More
  • Frame of Mind Coaching™ Certification

    Coaching The first step to becoming certified in the FOM Coaching™ Methodology is to experience 1:1 coaching with a coach from our exclusive team of FOM-certified coaches. During this 6 month program, not only will you undergo your own personal transformation, you will also learn the Frame of... Read More
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    For event planners who are looking for a speaker who creates a deeply interactive, engaging, and challenging learning environment that leaves every single participant with a personal awakening that impacts them for years after the event has occurred. Meet Kim Kim Ades is the President and... Read More
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  • Managing Your Time When Business is Booming By

    In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore: • The difference between those who are poor but happy and those who are rich but unhappy. • How to escape the pressures and expectations that society may be placing on you. • How to manage your time effectively when your business is growing.... Read more
  • Being a Starup Mogual By

    In this episode, we explore: • Using AI to let you know that an employee is about to resign. • What new entrepreneurs and startups need to know to succeed. • Music and movies that keep your head in the game. • The secret to networking with the right people. • How coaching others keeps... Read more
  • How to Test for Grit in the Hiring Process By

    In this episode, we explore: • Ghosting in a professional context. • What talented millennials look for from their employers. • How to test for grit in the hiring process. • How to deal with parental rejection. • How to turn your frustration into an advantage. Read more