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  • Executive Compensation

    Executive Compensation analyses are significantly complex and need to be conducted in a systematic, supportable manner. Compensation Resources (CR) has been a leader in all areas of Executive Compensation for over 25 years. CR's obligations to our clients involve being an independent... Read More
  • Salary Administration

    The need for formalized base pay management is imperative to a company’s operational efficiency. Salary administration (also referred to as base pay administration), provides structure to compensation initiatives through competitive benchmarking, developing salary structure, and drafting salary... Read More
  • Compensation Consulting

    CR creates programs that are bold and imaginative, yet practical. Our experts are on top of the trends, yet based in sound practice. Our firm is large enough to get the job done quickly and effectively, and small enough to take a personal and professional interest in each aspect of your company... Read More

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    Salary Administration Programs are designed to provide competitive and equitable base pay to all employees through the use of salary structures and formal policies and procedures. An effective Salary Administration Program allows a company to meet the basic objectives of compensation:... Read more
  • Five Reasons to Hire a Compensation Consultant By

    The question often arises as to whether to develop your pay programs in-house, or spend the money to hire a compensation consultant. Five significant reasons to consider engaging a compensation consulting firm are outlined in this white paper. Read more