Products by Research Services 4 Brothers, LLC

  • Drug Screening

    The majority of people provide truthful, sincere information about themselves. However, businesses today are faced with increased regulation to their hiring practices and to what can and cannot be asked in an interview or credit application. Moreover, who has the time to check every detail of... Read More
  • Applicant Management System

    Research Services provides Human Resources with an Applicant Management System that tracks candidates through the hiring process; from the initial invitation through the completed background check. The information is collected by the HR and is then sent directly to Research Services to begin... Read More
  • Statewide Criminal

    Research Services offers statewide criminal reports that go back at a minimum of seven years and cover the entirety of the state. California, Ohio and Wyoming do not offer statewide searches. In this case, we verify criminal cases by county. Running a statewide criminal report will help uncover... Read More