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  • Employee Recruitment and Retention Strategies

    Axcet’s HR consultants help small businesses develop and implement recruiting and retention strategies, equipping them to find, attract and hire top talent. Employee recruitment is a heavy lift. The right steps and decisions pay dividends for years. The wrong ones escalate the demands that... Read More
  • Organizational Development & Strategies

    Axcet HR Solutions is a Kansas City strategic planning consultant that can determine if your organizational structure is more likely to impede or advance your growth goals. Strategic human resources planning helps small businesses connect their organizational goals to their HR capabilities.... Read More
  • Human Resources Compliance

    You can rely on the expert HR compliance specialists at Axcet, whose processes and procedures ensure you’re compliant, mitigating any risks that could lead to potential penalties, fines or charges against you. HR compliance is complicated, nuanced and, honestly, somewhat tedious. And, if you... Read More
  • Employee Relations Guidance

    Most small and mid-sized Kansas City companies know the benefits of strong employer-employee relations: greater employee loyalty and productivity, fewer chances for internal conflict and a better workplace culture, among others. But smaller business owners and managers, who often must give most... Read More
  • Customized Leadership Training

    Investing in employee training and development is a critical element of business strategy. As a partner to small and-mid-sized business owners and managers, Axcet HR Solutions provides customized leadership training and training focused on employees. The result for employers is better worker... Read More
  • Unemployment Claims Management

    Axcet HR serves as an unemployment benefits provider, helping clients carve a path through complex unemployment claims. Unemployment benefits are designed to help former employees who lose their jobs and meet certain eligibility requirements. The value of those benefits is undeniable when the... Read More
  • Small Business Health Insurance

    Robust employee benefits packages level the playing field for smaller companies by helping them recruit, retain and engage top talent. Surveys repeatedly have shown that employees often value health insurance benefits more than higher pay – and benefits packages are one of main considerations... Read More
  • Employee Benefits Administration & Compliance

    Employee benefit plan administration is no small job – especially for time-strapped small and mid-sized companies that often lack robust HR departments. Even if they are fully staffed, the task requires specialized expertise. Without it, business owners could face legal non-compliance penalties... Read More
  • 401(k) Retirement Plans

    Offering a 401(k) plan shows that your small business values more than just the work your employees do on behalf of your company. It demonstrates that you care about and are investing in their long-term wellbeing. Small and mid-sized businesses sometimes shy away from offering 401(k) plans,... Read More
  • Workplace Safety Guidance

    Every employer has legal and moral obligations to maintain a safe work environment. While employees play a role in contributing to workplace safety, the primary responsibility falls to company leaders, who must put practices and policies in place and train workers to follow those protocols.... Read More
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance

    Every business has an obligation to provide its employees a safe and healthy work environment. Still, accidents and illnesses can happen at work. If they do, workers’ compensation insurance aids your small business in two ways: It protects the people who work for you, and it protects your... Read More
  • Payroll Administration Services

    Managing payroll is a recurring, necessary fact of life for any employer. But it can be particularly challenging for smaller companies. Payroll administration is complicated and, because it comes around every week, every couple of weeks or every month, time-consuming and tedious. Business... Read More
  • Payroll Tax Administration Services

    Payroll tax laws change frequently and sometimes even adjust retroactively. As if they weren’t complex enough already, these fluctuations make the laws even more difficult to follow and understand. Payroll tax administration therefore can be overwhelming for small and mid-sized companies, which... Read More
  • Payroll Compliance

    Axcet’s team draws on relevant professional certifications and years of experience to help small and mid-sized companies remain compliant in their payroll practices. The IRS and other agencies levy substantial fines for non-compliance. However, companies that partner with Axcet HR Solutions, a... Read More
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