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EHB Insurance Group is a Scottsdale, Arizona independent multiple-state referral based insurance firm, and free advisory service with 20+ years experience. We offer employers and HR professionals welcomed relief of the extremely complicated questions posed by employees about the “maze and myths” of Medicare planning. When turning 65 and continuing employment or retiring, employees face many personal choices. Education is a key component in understanding the importance of knowing the Medicare rules and options to avoid costly mistakes. As an employer and HR professional, it's a special opportunity to provide caring guidance and direction to the expert advice of EHB Insurance Group for your retiring employees. We conduct in-person educational seminars, individual personalized telephone chats and webinars. EHB Insurance Group continually strives to maintain the high standards their clients expect with "Straightforward Educational Insurance Advice." We look forward to hearing from you!

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By EHB Insurance Group

Medigap Plans: also called Supplement Plans are provided by private insurance companies. Medigap plans only work with "Original Medicare" and can cover much of the 20% cost sharing you would have to pay with "Original Medicare". There are presently eleven plans (A,B,C,D,F, select, G,K,L,M and... Read more »

By EHB Insurance Group

Part C: the Medicare Advantage Plans have co-pays and co-insurance. These plans consist of organizations like: HMO's (Health Maintenance Organizations) where you must visit a primary physician in the network to receive any specialist referrals within the network and PPO's (Preferred Provider... Read more »

By EHB Insurance Group

Part D: the Prescription Drug Plans (PDP's) are voluntary and help with your present or future prescription medication needs. PDP's are basically offered in two forms: 1) a stand-alone program where you can enroll with a monthly premium: 2) integrated with some Part C Advantage Plans that may... Read more »

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