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About NimoHR

  • NimoHR is a career service company that provides individuals the competitive edge needed to succeed and companies an outplacement services they can trust.

    When an organization makes a tough decision to lay off an employee or employees, any assistance the company can provide its employees is appreciated. Rapidly becoming a standard component of severance packages, outplacement services are intended to help employees find work following a layoff or job loss.

    Services include Resume Revision, Cover Letter Correction, LinkedIn Optimization, Interview Preparation and career coaching.
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Products by NimoHR

  • Resume Revission

    Create a summary statement with value Review old descriptions in your background and revise to maximize impact Include new skills, achievements, certifications, and job responsibilities with keywords that will get results Tweak the format for readability Will add key words that will get your... Read more
  • Cover Letter

    Differentiate you from the rest Use a unique approach like beginning with a quote, anecdote, success store, tag line, testimonial, branding statement or blunt remark about your latest aw-dropping accomplishment Keep them interested Cover letters can be as tradition or unorthodox as you'd like,... Read more
  • LinkedIn Optimization

    Help you find a clear picture of your personal and professional goals, both the long-term and short-term goals Create a search strategy based on those goals Establish an online brand that will be prepare you for the next steps Provide networking techniques that will help you obtain leads,... Read more

Content by NimoHR

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    Saying goodbye to employees is never easy. Whether it’s a lay-off or a termination. Whether it’s one employee or one hundred employees. Deciding who and how to terminate an employee is never pleasant. The reality is it happens. Sometimes an employee just doesn’t work out, so you have to say... Read more