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Diversity & Inclusion - Forbes Specialization Certificate

9 Courses 10 Hours Today’s professional workforce is an amazing amalgam of diversity, with workers of separate generations, genders, ethnicities, races, and other backgrounds all coming together to complete common goals. This transformation has challenged leaders to rethink their company... Read More

Human Resources for Department Managers - Forbes Specialization Certificate

9 Courses 22 Hours The role of Human Resources has changed dramatically in recent years to include a wider scope of responsibilities, greater dependence on data, and an emphasis on Emotional Intelligence in decision-making. Give yourself a competitive advantage in one of today’s fastest-growing... Read More

Human Resources for the HR Professional - Forbes Specialization Certificate

9 Courses 16 Hours Today’s Human Resources professionals combine the old-school qualities of compassion and listening with psychology skills and a data-driven approach to developing a fully engaged and multifaceted workplace. You can launch your Human Resources career with your [email protected] HR... Read More

Human Resources Foundations for Workplace Safety - Forbes Specialization Certificate

7 Courses 9 Hours Workplace safety should be among the top priorities for any Human Resources professional. From conducting security audits to developing prevention strategies, [email protected] gives you the tools to protect your organization’s most important assets with your HR Foundations for... Read More

Human Resources Management - Forbes Specialization Certificate

9 Courses 26 Hours Human Resources has grown to become much more than the “hiring hub” of an organization, with influence in every department, at every level. If you’re looking for a career in one of today’s fastest growing industries, with more job security, higher earning potential, and... Read More

Human Resources, Law, and Risk Management - Forbes Specialization Certificate

8 Courses 16 Hours As the roles and responsibilities of Human Resources continue to evolve, it is imperative that you acquire some basic understanding of the law. [email protected] has partnered with today’s top trainers, psychologists, and legal experts to develop the HR, Law, and Risk Management... Read More

Workplace Conflict Resolution - Forbes Specialization Certificate

9 Courses 10 Hours Conflicts and misunderstandings are common in the modern workplace, but when tempers flare and stressful situations create untenable conditions, your professional reputation and the reputation of your organization can be at risk. [email protected] is proud to offer the Workplace... Read More

First Time Manager - Learning Pathway

9 Courses 34 Hours Congratulations on achieving your first managerial position. With greater responsibilities comes a greater period of adjustment, but [email protected] is here to help you avoid common missteps and hit the ground running. This specially designed learning pathway will ensure you... Read More

Fresh College Graduate - Learning Pathway

8 Courses 11 Hours With your college degree, you’ve taken another step forward in your lifelong learning journey. The world is ready for your talent, now ensure your talent is ready for the world. A [email protected] Fresh College Graduate learning path will teach you a universal set of soft skills... Read More

Corporate Success I: Establishing Growth - Learning Pathway

10 Courses 14 Hours Successful organizations and their employees develop authentic connections with consumers and take responsibility for their role in shaping the cultural and corporate conversation. Your Corporate Success I: Establishing Growth learning path will reshape your understanding of... Read More

Corporate Success II: Path to Leadership - Learning Pathway

10 Courses 12 Hours Attitudes and behaviors in the workplace are changing. Your Corporate Success II: Path to Leadership learning pathway will give you the perspective and professional skillset to lead and adapt to a changing corporate culture. Your courses will train you to be a more effective... Read More

From VP to Exec - Learning Pathway

8 Courses 17 Hours You’ve made it this far, with a lifetime of success that’s put you on the edge of achieving your greatest goal. To ascend From VP to Exec, you’ll need to merge your experience with the business fundamentals, sound managerial judgment, and strategic thinking needed in the... Read More

Effective Management Skills - Forbes Specialization Certificate

8 Courses 20 Hours Organization. Strategy. Critical Thinking. Compassion. These are just a few of the essential skills for effective managers. Your [email protected] specialization will put your management skills to the test, challenging you to develop an approach that moves your organization... Read More

Emotional Intelligence For Beginners - Forbes Specialist Certificate

8 Courses 18 Hours Emotional Intelligence is a powerful and in-demand business discipline that will allow you to make better decisions, keep your emotions in check, and stay motivated as you try to complete organizational goals. Take your mental capabilities to the next level with your... Read More

Emotional Intelligence For Leaders - Forbes Specialist Certificate

8 Courses 17 Hours In leadership, you must be prepared to engage people on a deeper level and anticipate their emotional reactions before difficult conversations such as performance reviews and disciplinary discussions. Your [email protected] Emotional Intelligence for Leaders Specialization will... Read More

Executive Office - Forbes Specialist Certificate

8 Courses 4 Hours The role of an executive is right there in the title: you must execute strategy and determine a direction for your entire organization. When you ascend to the highest levels of leadership, people will be looking to make decisions that will impact not only your employees, but... Read More

Journey to Leadership - Forbes Specialist Certificate

7 Courses 12 Hours Don’t believe the axiom that “leaders are born, not made.” You can master the qualities of great business leaders with [email protected] These interactive courses will challenge your concept of leadership, and bring your best traits to the surface through practice, training, and... Read More

Leadership Essentials - Forbes Specialist Certificate

8 Courses 26 Hours Your development as a leader can begin at any age or experience level, and today’s best leaders rarely wait until they’ve earned a management title to get started. You can build a case for yourself as a coach, mentor, and motivator with help from your [email protected] Leadership... Read More

MBA for Business Professionals - Forbes Specialist Certificate

8 Courses 43 Hours Working professionals and active job seekers can’t afford to spend years in school. [email protected] helps you outpace the competition with one, all-inclusive suite of business courses. Your MBA for Business Professionals Specialization covers the fundamental knowledge you’ll... Read More

Serious Business Solutions - Forbes Specialist Certificate

8 Courses 12 Hours In an often chaotic business climate, a little laughter is essential for relieving stress. [email protected] has partnered with business growth expert and professional development coach Jeff Havens to offer you a humorous approach to solving common business challenges. Designed... Read More

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