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  • emPerform - Employee Performance Management Software

    Streamline and automate all aspects of performance reviews with emPerform. Easy online performance reviews, self-assessments, PIP’s +more! 100% automated & configurable to your needs. Build your reviews from scratch or start with one of our best-practice templates. Evaluate your talent on what... Read More

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  • Performance Management Outlook for 2022 By

    Having the right performance management processes is critical for success. This guide will go over the 7 trends we expect in 2022 and how emPerform will help you meet the demands of a modern workforce. Read more
  • 9 Reasons to Start Using the Nine-Box By

    Learn how your company can benefit from using the nine-box for boosted talent identification and better succession planning. Read more
  • Rating Scale GuideBook By

    Are your performance review rating scales not 'meeting expectations'? This guidebook will walk you through the right way to use rating scales to motive perormance. Read more

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