Affirmative Action Planning OFCCP Contractor Portal Updates: AAP Certification

Press Release from Berkshire

OFCCP threw us a curveball in 2022 with the first-ever requirement that all eligible federal contractors certify their Affirmative Action Programs. Now, in 2023 we are entering our second year of this certification requirement and here’s what we know:  


This year, the certification portal will open on March 31, 2023, and all existing contractors will be required to certify their Affirmative Action Programs by June 29, 2023. See OFCCPs announcement at  

Contractors who have not yet registered in the portal are encouraged to do so now.  

In the inaugural year of certification, OFCCP offered numerous guidelines and webinars for contractors looking to understand the process; and Berkshire did the same. This year, we expect that OFCCP will continue to offer guidance on the process – but, considering that this is no longer a brand-new process, we are not sure to what extent.  

Berkshire experts, however, are committed to interpreting these guidelines for our federal contractor community, so please stay tuned as this situation evolves.  

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