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DCI Consulting

HR Risk Management Consulting Firm

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STATE PAY REPORTING - CALIFORNIA & MORE: As state laws change and more states implement their own fair pay regulations, we are continuing to develop our services to assist organizations working across the United States. We bring decades of expertise in pay equity and statistics and our proprietary software can be easily adapted as...


HR and Affirmative Action Software & Consulting Services

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Berkshire, a division of Resolution Economics, LLC, is a human resources consulting and technology firm that specializes in helping companies build the ideal, balanced workforce. Backed by Resolution Economics, Berkshire offers a comprehensive suite of services to our clients and partners,...


Beyond Compliance

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California Pay Data Report: California enacted Senate Bill 973 (SB973) mandating California employers that file an EEO-1 report with the EEOC must also file a pay data report to California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) on or before March 31, 2021. This means employers with 100 or more employees are...
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HR Learning Center LLC, a full-service human resource consulting firm, specializes in workplace employment law and providing on-site and on-line interactive, engaging and informative sexual harassment training. We provide employers with HR Training on the nuts and bolts of federal and state...


Take Control of Your Leave Management

AbsenceSoft is a leading provider of leave and accommodations management SaaS solutions. We deliver scalable, easy-to-use, and configurable software to easily and efficiently manage 180+ statutory policies like FMLA, ADA, and PWFA. Our software streamlines and automates leave and accommodations...


Automated Legal Expertise

SixFifty is a technology company that strives to make employment law more accessible by automating world-class legal expertise. SixFifty’s compliance tools are programmed to take on complex state-specific legal issues by providing a robust employment law database, and customized contracts,...


Solving HR's Most Complicated Challenges

At Trusaic, we believe that regulations can be an opportunity. An opportunity to demonstrate transparency and integrity to your employees and prospects, to cultivate a more fair environment and an opportunity to create a stronger enterprise. Trusaic is a regulatory compliance software company...

Leave Management Solutions

Certified medical Leave & Accommodations Specialist

CA Certified Medical Leave and Accommodation Management Specialist™ Training Program: The Ultimate Guide to California FMLA/CFRA, ADA/FEHA, PDL, PWFA, and Workers’ Compensation with Handling Related Performance Management and Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Complaints Become a Certified Medical Leave and Accommodation Management Specialist™ Today! Buy the full...
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BLR® is an industry-leading provider of management software and corporate training, empowering organizations to deliver on strategic objectives by upskilling staff, mitigating risk, and improving operational efficiencies. With nearly five decades of experience, we supercharge business...

Ria Health

Online Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Ria Health is an evidence-based, personalized and tech-enabled tele-clinic for alcohol use disorder. Our team of addiction experts help people build positive relationships with alcohol by cutting back or quitting altogether through technology, medication, coaching and support from home. Led by a...

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