Products by TalentSorter
  • The Ideal Candidate Report

    The Ideal Candidate Report is about the job. A new one is generated every time you complete a position analysis and add a new job to your library. It identifies the traits and characteristics most critical to success in that role, and points out what you should be looking for in candidates. Read More
  • The Individual Report

    The Individual Report is about the candidate who completed the assessment. Broken down into two sections, it discusses in detail the person’s Signature Traits – the areas where this person stands out from others, and that will most define them in the eyes of others. Many employers opt to share... Read More
  • The Job Fit Report

    The Job Fit Report provides you with a detailed comparison of the candidate, projecting them into the role. You will see at a glance where they are on target compared to the ‘Ideal Candidate’, and where they are off target… and the easy-to-read comments will give you clear insights into how the... Read More