DCI Consulting Launches Online AAP Software and OFCCP Compliance Resource

Press Release from DCI Consulting

In response to increasing audits from the Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and their announced plan to initiate a contractor verification program, DCI has launched two new tools for federal contractors: ProntoAAP and OFCCPCertification.com.

ProntoAAP is an online Affirmative Action Plan SaaS application geared toward small federal contractors. ProntoAAP enables businesses to create an AAP in-house in a cost-effective and OFCCP compliant way. This is ideal for companies that do not have the resources to implement an outsourced solution.

Additionally, DCI has created OFCCPCertification.com, a free tool for contractors to assess compliance with their affirmative action and OFCCP requirements. With many OFCCP regulations in place for federal contractors, it can be confusing to fully understand compliance obligations. The tool first asks basic questions to identify which regulations and requirements apply. Once compliance is determined, contractors are then asked specific questions related to regulatory requirements to determine if the company is in compliance. Upon answering the survey questions, contractors receive either a certificate for full compliance or recommendations for steps needed to come into full compliance.

Both ProntoAAP and OFCCP Certification provide valuable tools for federal contractors. "It is increasingly important that contractors understand the regulations and comply. Failing to do so will put their organization at risk for an audit," said DCI President  David Cohen . "We are excited to continue to provide federal contractors with key resources to achieve compliance."

These new tools will allow contractors to stay ahead of OFCCP's most recent initiatives. The agency is implementing a comprehensive strategy to promote compliance across the entire contractor community that includes compliance assistance efforts, compliance verification, and compliance incentives.

ProntoAAP can be accessed here: www.prontoaap.com

OFCCP Certification can be accessed here: www.ofccpcertification.com

About DCI Consulting Group:
DCI is a HR risk management consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. providing services in the areas of systemic compensation discrimination analyses, affirmative action plan development and implementation, employee selection and test validation, OFCCP audit and litigation support, and regulatory affairs and government relations.  http://www.dciconsult.com.

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