Products by Logi-Serve
  • On-Demand Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Leadership Assessments

    Premier recruiting and development software tailored and validated by owners and operators of skilled nursing facilities. OnDemand assessments are available via a self-service, OnDemand system which requires no implementation services. Instantly access and assess critical SNF leadership... Read More
  • On-Demand System to Assess and Develop People in the Automotive Retail Industry

    Logi-Serve has deep automotive dealership experience. Our assessments have unequivocally demonstrated that they predict job fit, reduce turnover, improve customer experiences, and performance in dealerships across key dealership roles such as retail sales, fleet sales, sales manager, parts,... Read More
  • On-Demand Assessments Across All Industries

    Across industries, you can predict job fit and performance, as well as increase recruiting and training automation, reduce costly employee turnover, and build a culture of high performance. Use Logi-Serve’s OnDemand platform for any customer service, sales, or operational leadership position.... Read More
White Papers by Logi-Serve
  • Logi-Serve’s Key Role in the SEC’s New HCM Disclosure Requirements By

    The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently enacted new disclosure requirements to modernize corporate reporting by explicitly recognizing the vital role that human capital plays in determining corporate performance and value. Read this white paper to learn how Logi-Serve can help... Read more
  • The Case for Competency-Based Talent Management By

    Providing first-rate service is complicated business. It involves both service providers and service receivers. With each service event, the provider either demonstrates true competence or fails miserably at meeting the needs and expectations of those being served. Read more
  • Understanding Turnover By

    The science of turnover is truly fascinating and complex (e.g., Lee, Hom, Eberly, & Li, 2018; Rubenstein, Eberly, Lee, & Mitchell, 2018). The most current thinking on it is that people do not leave an organization or role just because they are unhappy or even because a better opportunity has... Read more
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