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  • Employee benefits data analytics

    HDMS has a long history of partnering with employers of all sizes. As hands-on advisers, our team and technology can help you manage healthcare costs and engage employees to make positive health decisions. By integrating all types of benefits data — from traditional sources (such as medical,... Read More
  • Security, privacy and compliance

    Going fast, taking risks and experiencing exhilarating moments are a lot more rewarding when no one has security vulnerabilities, data breaches, unauthorized data access concerns, or legal issues on their hands. That's why we take no shortcuts in this region. Our security, privacy and compliance... Read More

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  • Case Study: Analyzing the effectiveness of third-party diabetic management solutions By

    Using a third-party service can be a smart business decision to free up internal resources and increase efficiencies. However, it’s critical for businesses to understand the effectiveness of these services. In this case, the client wanted HDMS to evaluate the impact and value of the diabetes... Read more