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  • Tempo Live - Mental and Behavioral Health at Work

    Tempo Live is a science-based behavioral health app, developed exclusively for building and maintaining high-performing, safe, and resilient workforces. Routine, in-app health assessments detect changes in the employee’s behavioral wellness and minimize the risk of mental health crisis by... Read More
  • Employee Absence Management (EAM)

    Axiom Medical manages Employee Absence Management (EAM) as a part of the Employee Occupational Health Program. Say goodbye to self-service software programs, which merely track employee leave. When employees are out on extended absence because of personal health matters, our certified medical... Read More
  • Infection control program

    Implement an infection control program in the workplace and promote a safe and healthy organizational culture. Axiom Medical now offers a fully customized infection control plan with a consistent focus on workplace safety and occupational infection prevention. Developing an action-based plan for... Read More

Content by Axiom Medical

  • Mental Health Challenges Associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic By

    You may have seen some of the over 500 mental-health-related articles cross your newsfeed in the last few years, but how do anecdotal experiences stack up against researched numbers? Everyone processes uncertainty and stress differently, but studies are showing clear signs of change in reported... Read more
  • Are You Dealing with High-Functioning Anxiety? By

    Anxiety affects thousands of people each year, often leading to challenges in everyday life. For some, this stress only manifests internally, but there are ways to combat symptoms of worry and fear, especially at work. Read more
  • Partnering With Axiom Medical: An Overview of Our Services By

    In an evolving healthcare industry, experience and innovation is paramount to providing high-quality, cost-effective care. Benefit from our full range of occupation and public health services. In this white paper, we go over our spectrum of services and highlight the industries we serve and our... Read more