6/21/21-BottomLeaderboard- SHRM
  • Solve a Problem by Adding a Dimension

    Take your 2D problem and look down on it from 3D. Two people are involved in an argument. You are mediating. Or maybe you are one of the disputants. They go back and forth, left and right, right and left. No matter which way you move it around in the plane of the argument there is no way to get...
  • Part Two of How Not to Start a Fight or Argument

    In Part One we explained the basic principle of not being there as the object of someone’s attack, which is to say that whatever insult they throw just goes through you or around you and has no effect on you, except to amuse you slightly. We’ll give examples of this later in this post.
  • How Not to Start a Fight or Argument

    We are always looking at workplace violence, street violence and domestic violence from the point of view of you as the victim. In our workplace violence training and in our de-escalation courses we start at the flash point, when things have blown up in your face and someone is threatening or...
  • An Answer to High Anxiety is Extreme Calmness.

    We are living in very anxious times. Anger and depression are considered the second pandemic. The American Psychiatric Association reports a 300% increase in mental illness. Human Resources has to be the source of leadership through these perils.
  • Is De-Escalation and Defusing Fights for Soft, Timid Type People?

    If someone is obnoxious and is threatening you, and you are tough you wouldn’t do that soft, weak thing of just talking to them or “de-escalating the fight” would you? Actually the ability to verbally defuse an attack requires real toughness…inner toughness and self-discipline.
  • A Single Workplace Violence Incident and Its Cost

    An insight into the economic impact costs of recovery.
  • To Defuse Others, First Defuse Yourself

    We all know that the increase in trigger-happiness ---funny phrase there, isn’t it? --- the society we’ve built which lauds and praises anger and the instant, blistering attack on others, isn’t a good thing. It’s bad for our health, bad for our families and workplaces and companies. The Facebook...
  • How an H.R. Manager can Become a Chief H.R. Officer

    The answer in a sentence is: By seeing yourself in that role. The further answer in another sentence is: By understanding that companies and organizations are composed of people and their relationships.
  • The Dry, Dusty Landscape of Employee Training

    …and what we did about it in our video Verbally Defusing Violent Confrontations
  • Getting the Hurricanes, Clouds and Humidity Out of Your Corporate Climate

    Workplace violence, arguments, underground campaigns – how to rid your company of them