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  • Verbally Defusing Violent Confrontations Course

    The video is presented as four approximately eighteen minute segments, in SCORM compliant format suitable for all learning management systems or stand-alone, and with test questions and automated scoring and reporting to you. Why did we start with this topic? It’s because newspaper and TV news... Read More
  • Preventing Sickness & Enjoying Well-Being Course

    “If you don’t have your health…” goes the saying. There is nothing more central. Hearing another lecture about how we should eat more broccoli and take the stairs instead of the elevator, is not going to change anything. You may have a wellness center nicely equipped. Yet despite this, our... Read More
  • Effective Changes In Workers Comp Course

    Boring. Workers compensation and public liability sound like well-covered, boring topics. “Cringe-worthy” as far as training in many employees’ eyes. OSHA made real improvements over past decades, lowering incidents by 10 – 20% where there is inspection and training, yet the improvement reached... Read More

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  • Solve a Problem by Adding a Dimension By

    Take your 2D problem and look down on it from 3D. Two people are involved in an argument. You are mediating. Or maybe you are one of the disputants. They go back and forth, left and right, right and left. No matter which way you move it around in the plane of the argument there is no way to get... Read more
  • Part Two of How Not to Start a Fight or Argument By

    In Part One we explained the basic principle of not being there as the object of someone’s attack, which is to say that whatever insult they throw just goes through you or around you and has no effect on you, except to amuse you slightly. We’ll give examples of this later in this post. Read more
  • How Not to Start a Fight or Argument By

    We are always looking at workplace violence, street violence and domestic violence from the point of view of you as the victim. In our workplace violence training and in our de-escalation courses we start at the flash point, when things have blown up in your face and someone is threatening or... Read more

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