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  • Evidence-Based Online Alcohol Addiction Treatment

    Quickly change your relationship to alcohol with our at-home program. On average, our members reduce their BAC levels by 75% within 12 months. Ria Health provides effective alcohol addiction treatment, to help people reduce or stop drinking alcohol. Our expert medical and coaching teams get you... Read More

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  • Why a Harm Reduction Approach is Required for a Successful AUD Program By

    Choosing the right Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) treatment program can be a challenge and it’s difficult to know the considerations an employer needs to go through. We recommend looking for an AUD treatment program that adopts a harm reduction approach across its various aspects in order to achieve... Read more
  • Why Alcohol Treatment Programs Must Expand Beyond Abstinence-Only Outcomes By

    When considering an effective alcohol treatment program to serve employees, a modern approach is needed in order to have the best outcomes. It’s best to understand what employees are looking for and what they’re trying to get out of an alcohol treatment program. Read more
  • Alcohol Use Disorder: Preferred Treatments & Methods By

    The pandemic brought on a cascade of changes for everyone that is, unfortunately, leading to a sharp increase in alcohol consumption. We surveyed 154 people who said they were struggling with alcohol issues or had loved ones who were struggling with the problem. In this white paper, we detail... Read more

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