White Papers for SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

  • EAP Comparison Chart

    Use our EAP comparison chart to see how your current EAP compares to the broad menu of benefits and services ESI EAP provides to all of our customers.
  • TTI SI Stress Assessment Explained

    The TTI SI Stress Assessment is a diagnostic tool that is focused on workplace culture. The tool exposes potential sources of stress in the following categories: Workplace Demands, Effort/reward balance, Control, Organization change, Management/supervisor issues, social support, and job...
  • Incident Management Tracker

    Incident Management Tracker by webEHS is an accident tracking and prevention software that offers a fully-customizable interface, detailed safety data collection, and exhaustive reporting services. Visit webEHS.com to schedule a demo.
  • 5 Employee Wellbeing Initiatives Worth Implementing

    Many employees can get burnt out quickly if they don't feel taken care of. Read five simple ways employers can prioritize wellbeing, resulting in happier employees.
  • To PEO or not to PEO - that is the question

    Organizations must regularly evaluate and adapt their HR strategies as they expand and develop. To effectively address their evolving needs, many companies are shifting from a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to fractional HR. Companies must assess the advantages of migrating to a...
  • Modern Mastery: Sourcing Talent In The Digital Age

    In the ever-evolving landscape of the corporate world, the quest for the best talent remains a constant. But how do you adapt to the changing tides? Join Source and Recruit’s Founder Matthew Burzon, SHRM-SCP on a deep dive in our latest e-book, “Sourcing Talent In The Digital Age”, and discover...
  • How Can we Communicate More Effectively?

    Recently there has been some discussion in social media as to how technology has changed the HR profession with respect to communication. With the changes in how people work, their role vis-à-vis working remotely, along with the competitive business climate, HR departments are learning that...
  • HR Team of One

    Learn how to manage this role and make the most out of your HR tech.
  • The Top 5 Benefits of a Managed Cap Program

    A top priority for recruitment and retention strategies should be to curate a fulfilling employee experience. For companies who are not currently in a position to increase relocation support, shifting from a Lump Sum payment program to a Managed Cap relocation program may help to secure...
  • Concerned about staying compliant with this new federal law?

    Learn what the law requires and how to provide your covered employees with reasonable accommodations related to pregnancy and childbirth. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is a new US federal law that makes reasonable accommodations more accessible to pregnant and postpartum workers. This...
  • Quiet Hiring: Workplace Trend 2023

    Quiet hiring is one organizational response to quiet quitting. But is it an effective retention strategy for businesses?
  • Scaling Up Corporate Gifting Program: Challenges and Solutions

    Scaling Up Corporate Gifting Program is a white paper published by the corporate gifting platform, Giftpack Inc., in 2023. The research provides insights into challenges when business are trying to launch gifting campaigns in a larger scale, and the solutions to each challenges.
  • The Pay Equity Communications Planner

    Ready to talk the talk with pay equity? Our Pay Equity Communications Planner provides step-by-step instructions on how to talk about pay equity to employees, investors, the c-suite, and other key stakeholders.
  • Employee Termination Checklist: Everything you Should Know

    One of the reasons employee terminations can feel difficult to manage is that the process has so many steps to keep track of. From putting together a severance package to collecting access badges, an employee termination requires a lot of work and attention to detail from HR professionals. Use...
  • Good for Me, Good for Us, and Good for the World

    The workplace has changed — and so have employee expectations. People want to work for companies that prioritize what employees want – but what really does matter most to today’s workforce? A research study by Blue Beyond answers this question.
  • The Impact of Pay on Employee Motivation

    Is your compensation strategy having a positive or negative effect on the performance of your employees? That’s a difficult question for most business leaders to answer. And the research on the issue is both confusing and conflicting.
  • NINJIO Supply Chain Report

    Global supply chains have been under immense pressure over the past two years, from massive disruptions caused by the pandemic and war to high costs for raw materials and shipping. As if these crises weren’t enough, cyberattacks on supply chains have been surging as well – a threat that will...
  • Understanding the Workplace Wellness Rules

    The laws of wellness are changing and they are confusing. We have summarized the key things you need to know to better your understanding of the Wellness Rules in your Workplace.
  • The Overlooked Impact of Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace

    Our comprehensive Speaker One Sheet includes all the necessary details about our offerings, ensuring a complete understanding of our expertise and how we can benefit SHRM members.
  • I-9 Audit Checklist

    There is a storm brewing for I-9 compliance: hiked penalty rates, ICE upping enforcement agents, and the end of remote viewing of work authorization documents coming July 31st, 2023. These events foreshadow a renewed compliance crackdown, so employers need to double-down on their I-9...
  • Disrupting Racism in the Workplace

    While the workplace is more multiracial, 42% of employees experience or see racism. It is time to take a bold stance and commit to being an anti-racist company. This guide shows how businesses are rooting out racism by making racial diversity a moral value.
  • CHANGING LAWS: The PUMP Act What employers need to know

    The Providing Urgent Maternal Protections (PUMP) for Nursing Mothers Act is a new law effective on December 29, 2022 that expands the Break Time for Nursing Mothers law, adding breastfeeding protections to an additional 9 million working women of childbearing age in the U.S.
  • DiSC® - Famous Characters

    In the past, I’ve created fictitious persons (plumber, teacher, manager) and described them through various aspects of their behavior, THEN I break down why they might be considered a certain style(s) of DiSC®. In this sharing, I’ll provide a television or movie character with whom you are...