White Papers for SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

  • Bridging The Staffing Gap in Senior Living: Five Innovative Strategies For Success

    By embracing innovative and forward-thinking strategies, senior living communities can bridge their staffing gaps and create a thriving workforce. Explore five groundbreaking strategies to address the staffing gap in senior living communities. Discover how innovative ideas can revitalize your...
  • Background Screenings: Best Practices Checklist

    If you’re involved in hiring or background screening for a business or organization, then it is imperative to follow federal, state and local laws where you operate. Use these best practice tips to help create a fair, consistent and compliant background screening process.
  • 10 Ways to Improve Your Employee Retention Rate

    A bigger paycheck is not the main reason why top performers leave a company. With the help of insights from top organizations and research-driven data, we now know precisely why employees choose to stay or leave a particular business. This article will give you actionable insights and tips so...
  • Standardized Screening for Thousands of Franchise Owners

    Working with a global fast-food franchise, InfoMart created a consistent background screening program for thousands of franchise owners. Now, the company and its network of small business owners enjoy an efficient, cost-effective program that ensures legal compliance.
  • Employer's Guide to Boosting Workforce Productivity in 2024

    Productivity has been a buzzword across all industries for a long time. As we head into 2024, there are a lot of things you as an employer can do to support your workers in being their most productive selves. Download our guide to learn how to best boost your workforce's productivity.
  • Remote Hiring and Form I-9

    Learn more about remote I-9 verification, including the alternative document procedure. Gain insights about the Form I-9 document review process and access best practices, tools, and tips in this complimentary white paper.
  • Quiet Quitting

    Over the last few years, life as we know it has forever changed, including the way businesses operate. The pandemic sparked new conversations about what it means to truly be happy with your job, and topics that were formerly considered “personal matters” like mental health became the forefront...
  • 5 ways employees would improve internal communication

    By listening to thousands of employees through focus groups, interviews and surveys, we’ve gained a unique perspective about what employees want from communication. Now you can use our insights to create and deliver more effective employee communication in your organization. We combed through...