White Papers for SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

  • How a Nationwide Employer Improved Benefits Literacy for Remote Employees

    Prior to partnering with Flimp, this company’s HR team had worked with a few larger firms on their benefits-communication campaigns. However, they quickly realized the larger firms’ solutions were overwhelming, costly, one size fits all and, in general, they lacked individual attention for clients.
  • Long COVID: Assessing and Managing Workforce Impact

    Employers need information, guidance, and insights that enable innovative and practical approaches for managing long COVID. To help them support workers with the condition, the Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC), a national nonprofit association focused on education for absence and...
  • The Inclusive Culture Pyramid

    Exhaustive research clearly confirms that having a mix of people in an organization is not enough to create better outcomes, you need an inclusive culture too; and the benefits of having both are tangible. We live and work in an increasingly globalized and multi-cultural world. The barriers...
  • How AI Gives HR the Advantage

    Analyzing huge amounts of data is not only inefficient, it’s often impossible for a human to do efficiently and effectively alongside other priorities. With AI as part of your benefits strategy, analyzing data becomes a standard reality for your team, serving up rich program insights, supporting...
  • Coaching Holistically versus Job Performance Coaching

    Explore each approach - Holistic and Job Performance - as well as the combination of both.
  • Elements of a Proper Employment Related Background Check

    What is a “proper” employment related background check? Examine many of the misconceptions when conducting an employment background check. HR Risk Mitigation offers a realistic view on what is and what is not possible.
  • Affirmative Action Planning for 2024: Are You Satisfied With Your Current Provider?

    With the increase in regulatory scrutiny and affirmative action providers being acquired, is it time to make a change? Download our infographic showing top considerations for affirmative action employers as they plan for 2024.
  • Washington County School District Maximizes Retention with Tava Health

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, Washington County School District faced significant disruptions and sought ways to address the mental health needs of their staff and students. By collaborating with Tava Health, they successfully provided crucial support, resulting in a remarkable 55.3% reduction...
  • Why Should Severance be Outsourced? Part 1: Leverage Existing Expertise

    The severance plan model, oft dismissed as a benefit that is used en masse typically only during turbulent times, remains untouched and archaic even today – strange, since the collective cost of the benefit over the past few years may have surpassed the multi-billion mark. Companies are slowly...
  • Employee Records Management: 7 Essential Practices

    Do you need to get more organized when it comes to people’s records and procedures? No matter the size of your team, employee records management is critical in referencing and protecting sensitive information and documents. Explore seven essential practices for efficient employee records management.
  • The Different Levels of eLearning

    eLearning is a convenient and effective way to deliver training to employees. However, not all eLearning courses are created equal. The level of interactivity and engagement can vary greatly from course to course.
  • Fostering Employee Retention: A Strategic Approach

    In the contemporary landscape of workforce management, employee retention looms large. In this article, we will address the critical importance of enhancing employee retention to strengthen and grow your organization.
  • Why move from company-owned vehicles to reimbursement?

    Explore the emerging trend of businesses veering away from conventional company-owned vehicles and choosing vehicle reimbursement programs, providing unparalleled flexibility and convenience for drivers and your organization.