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  • New Talent Pool Emerges as Workforce Prioritizes Apprenticeships Over College

    New Talent Pool Emerges as Workforce Prioritizes Apprenticeships Over College. Here’s how employers can benefit from this paradigm shift. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that many high school seniors are choosing apprenticeships instead of attending four-year colleges. That’s a...
  • A Tactical Guide for Managers

    Stress is omnipresent and, according to leading indicators, on the rise. But here’s the great news: this is not a problem that requires megaton solutions. “Go big or go home” is the wrong approach. Stress reduction requires a science-based approach; individualized strategies, as not all stress...
  • Employer guide to managing FMLA

    Stiira's Employer Guide to Managing FMLA is a step-by-step guide that walks you through critical components of FMLA compliance. - Employer responsibilities - Workers' compensation considerations - ADA accommodations - Integration with state leave laws - Curbing leave abuse - Additional resources
  • CompLogix Case Study - Nexthink

    Read about Nexthink's success utilizing CompLogix's Compensation Management system!
  • Effectively Managing Compensation during Inflationary Times

    The current surge in inflation is causing employees to believe their organizations should keep their real purchasing power intact with large pay increases. Employers need to be thoughtful in balancing the needs of attracting, retaining and motivating talent in turbulent economic times.
  • Elevate Your Leave of Absence Management with Process Digitization

    Employees may need to take a leave of absence (LOA) for a variety of reasons, and because of that, each leave of absence is unique and requires an appropriate and efficient response. Many organizations have clunky, unorganized leave of absence processes that end up causing employees additional...
  • The Six Golden Rules to Making Employee Training a Consistent Success

    Every employee, from the most senior level to the freshly minted, must take some type of training in their career. The nature of this training differs depending on the company and the department. However, one thing remains constant: training is vital for the ongoing success of every...
  • 3 Powerful Truths About Onboarding

    We’ve curated the most powerful insights about employee onboarding in one place. Download now and arm yourself with the tools to present the best case for an onboarding overhaul at your company. This two-page guide will be like your playbook to enlist support for your onboarding goals
  • Mental Health Education Facts Stats

    The Education industry faces unique challenges. Explore the stats and facts surrounding this industry..
  • Your Guide to Personalizing the Learning Experience

    A 2023 Brandon Hall Group Research Summary Organizations are increasingly looking at personalizing the learning experience to achieve their broader organizational goals through learning and development. This approach puts the learner first and can help improve employee engagement and talent...
  • Survey Research Informs Healthcare Decisions

    Have you completed these types of healthcare surveys? Sandy had surgery on her vocal cords and was an inpatient for four days. Before she was discharged, she was given a questionnaire and asked to describe her level of satisfaction with hospital services that included the admissions process, her...
  • OFCCP Compliance Checklist

    Affirmative Action Plan Checklist to be Audit Ready.
  • Conquer Context Switching with an HR Digital Employee Document Management System

    In the modern workplace, it can be challenging for Human Resources to keep up with the ever-changing needs of their employees. It's not uncommon for HR professionals to be pulled in multiple directions, managing various tasks related to employee onboarding, record compliance, and training. In...
  • Leadership: From Aspirations to Reality

    It certainly is realistic! Leadership isn’t a private club, or an opportunity restricted solely to people holding management positions or certain job titles. The only true barrier to your potential for leadership is your mindset.
  • People Life Cycle - Organizational Strategy Focused People Planning & Development System

    This graphic depicts the Employee Life Cycle and how it aligns with organizational strategy. C4IOE works with clients in all areas of the life cycle. We find that clients may start out wanting to focus our work in one area of the Life Cycle, but then realize the effects or interconnectedness...
  • Hugging in the workplace? Not everyone is comfortable with it

    Handshakes have given way to bear hugs, back pats and lingering embraces in some corners of the corporate world. Huggers say their touchy-feely approach breeds teamwork, trust and better business results. Huggees don’t always agree. There are legal and physical risks to consider, not to mention...
  • 4 Surprising facts about background screening

    Did You Know? 4 Surprising facts about background screening

    Advance In Your Role as an HR Business Partner Prepare to guide business leaders through HR challenges, learn to create Human Resource Strategic Plans, implement them, and apply meaningful analytics to measure real-world business outcomes. The HRBP Certification Program is designed to help...
  • The Benefits of Paperless Remote Onboarding with iRecruit Infographic

    The Benefits of Paperless Onboarding with iRecruit Infographic Centralized Database Recruit and manage new hires in a single database. Reduce Costs Eliminate mailing and printing costs with paperless onboarding. Decrease Time to Fill Automation provides better response times. Background...
  • How to Become a Coach

    Illustrates the requirements for being a professional coach and for earning a credential.
  • Buildout of a Custom Leadership Development Program

    Developed a custom leadership development program that addressed the needs of leaders at every level and also designed a corporate university that addressed the learning and development needs of 700 employees across 4 locations.
  • RFP Toolkit

    This toolkit was designed to give you the foundation to successfully bid on relocation services. We examine pricing structure, answer common supplier questions, review scoring methods and we have a sample RFP you can use to save you time researching and developing your own questions. We even...
  • Servant Leadership eBook

    Become a More Effective Leader. What is the most effective leadership approach? Servant Leadership. Author Joseph Cook dives deep into servant leadership and how you can become more effective as a leader at home, at work, and in your community.
  • Ultimate Guide to 30-60-90 day reviews and check ins

    As soon as an employee joins an organization, the HR managers start with the onboarding process to equip the employee with the job role, necessary tools, security measures, process and product training, and mission, vision, and goal of the organization. These practices usually last for 2-3 days,...
  • 4SIGHT Success Story: Amidst Ageism

    4SIGHT Success Story: Amidst Ageism