White Papers for SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

  • How Do Ethics Apply to OBM

    Over the past year or so, the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management (JOBM) has published discussion articles revolving around ethics, licensure, and certification in OBM. One discussion argued for the use of licensure and certification as a way to manage the ethical behavior of OBMers,...
  • Employee Referral Statistics You Need to Know for 2023

    Employee referrals save significant recruiting costs in many different ways. Check out our 2023 employee referral statistics infographic.
  • Ready for Anything

    A cardiac emergency rarely happens at a convenient time in a convenient place when you, the trained responder, are in a clear and responsive frame of mind. Combine this unpredictability with the fact that the office AED may have become familiar red and white décor (like the un-watered plant near...
  • Survey Research Informs Healthcare Decisions

    Have you completed these types of healthcare surveys? Sandy had surgery on her vocal cords and was an inpatient for four days. Before she was discharged, she was given a questionnaire and asked to describe her level of satisfaction with hospital services that included the admissions process, her...
  • OFCCP Compliance Checklist

    Affirmative Action Plan Checklist to be Audit Ready.
  • Leadership: From Aspirations to Reality

    It certainly is realistic! Leadership isn’t a private club, or an opportunity restricted solely to people holding management positions or certain job titles. The only true barrier to your potential for leadership is your mindset.
  • How to choose a consultant

    When your car malfunctions and you don’t know how to fix it you find a specialist who does. When your body sends your troubling signals you don’t know how to fix you find a specialist who does. When your organization performs poorly doesn’t it make sense to find a specialist if all your efforts...
  • 10 Mistakes Electronic I-9 Vendors Make And Why You Could Be At Risk

    Did you know that not all electronic I-9 software meets today's Form I-9 compliance requirements? Download this complimentary white paper to learn more about what to look for when choosing an I-9 Vendor.
  • Implementing Sexual Harassment Training

    As you have probably observed, the issues of sexual violence and discrimination have been receiving a much larger portion of the national conversation in the last several months. While they have long been a part of human life; recent social initiatives, political discussions, legal actions, and...
  • Hugging in the workplace? Not everyone is comfortable with it

    Handshakes have given way to bear hugs, back pats and lingering embraces in some corners of the corporate world. Huggers say their touchy-feely approach breeds teamwork, trust and better business results. Huggees don’t always agree. There are legal and physical risks to consider, not to mention...
  • What it means to take a life-dimensional approach to wellbeing

    No one would argue that what makes someone a person is complex. It includes things like their career, hobbies, roles within their family unit, and roles within the larger community. But when it comes to health, too often there’s a push to go with a simple biological answer.
  • 3 Surprising Hiring Facts That Can Help You Reduce Turnover

    Turnover is steadily increasing and this is a problem for talent recruiters and HR process managers. Here is a look at some of the hidden causes.
  • 4 Surprising facts about background screening

    Did You Know? 4 Surprising facts about background screening
  • How to Write an RFP - Signature Relocation

    Guide to writing a Request For Proposal (RFP) and optional sample RFP template.
  • How to Engage Employees in the Performance Management Process

    Engaging employees in the performance management process is as easy as 1-2-3-4! Check out this infographic for tips on getting employees engaged and keeping them engaged throughout their careers.
  • MS Leadership and Organizational Consulting Factsheet UT Dallas

    MS in Leadership and Organizational Development Program Information: • Two-year program - six semesters • Concentrations and certificates available • Curriculum taught fully online • Spring, Summer, and Fall semester intakes • Tuition - $32,400 • Financial aid available for qualified applicants

    Advance In Your Role as an HR Business Partner Prepare to guide business leaders through HR challenges, learn to create Human Resource Strategic Plans, implement them, and apply meaningful analytics to measure real-world business outcomes. The HRBP Certification Program is designed to help...
  • The Benefits of Paperless Remote Onboarding with iRecruit Infographic

    The Benefits of Paperless Onboarding with iRecruit Infographic Centralized Database Recruit and manage new hires in a single database. Reduce Costs Eliminate mailing and printing costs with paperless onboarding. Decrease Time to Fill Automation provides better response times. Background...
  • How the Pandemic Changed Your Employees' Alcohol Use

    The COVID-19 pandemic has left a swath of destruction around the globe and has impacted your employees and the way they work. The fear, stress, and uncertainty left workers with few outlets for their anxiety and frustration. For many, the escape was alcohol: unfortunately, as the pandemic...