Products by Generali Global Assistance
  • Iris Identity Protection

    Iris® takes a 360° approach to identity protection, allowing your employees to easily track their credit report and score, view and manage suspicious activity alerts, monitor risk levels, and more from one easy-to-use online dashboard. Backed by award-winning, multilingual resolution experts,... Read More
White Papers by Generali Global Assistance
  • Identity Hygiene: Tips for Taking Care of Your Digital Self By

    As consumers, we need to manage our identities just as we would other aspects of our physical, financial, and emotional health. Identity hygiene refers to ongoing proactive maintenance that individuals, families, and organizations can take to ensure that their sensitive information remains as... Read more
  • Personal Privacy in the Digital Age By

    No matter how it happens, there’s little doubt that consumers’ personally identifiable information (PII) is under attack. Whether it’s through the record-setting number of data breaches, voluntary or accidental oversharing, or third-party collection of pertinent user data, consumers’ information... Read more
  • A Multi-Generational Workforce By

    In this white paper, we evaluate the unique needs of each generation currently in the workforce, how companies can cost-effectively offer benefits catered to each generation; and explore a particular type of benefit that is not only universally-appealing, but also adds value to employees’ lives,... Read more