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  • Iris Identity Protection

    Iris® takes a 360° approach to identity protection, allowing your employees to easily track their credit report and score, view and manage suspicious activity alerts, monitor risk levels, and more from one easy-to-use online dashboard. Backed by award-winning, multilingual resolution experts,... Read More
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  • The Realities of Identity Theft Resolution By

    Identity theft can be stressful, scary, and costly. Outside of the immediate emotional, physical, and financial ramifications, there’s something even more unsettling – the impacts of identity theft can last a lifetime. The gateways to identity theft are many – data breaches, hacked cell... Read more
  • The Pieces of Protection - Free Isn’t Always Free - There’s A Cost to Not Being Fully Protected By

    During a time when free “identity theft protection” is becoming increasingly popular, it’s important to know what your employees are actually getting (and maybe more importantly, not getting) in a product. This infographic will help you understand the value of a comprehensive identity protection... Read more
  • Seniors & Millennials: Uncovering the Likenesses & Disparities in Today's Digital Age By

    Generali Global Assistance partnered with the Identity Theft Resource Center and polled seniors & millennials to gain a better understanding of how they behave & what protection practices they employ in today’s digital age. The whitepaper notes that while there are some key differences between... Read more
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