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  • Skill

    Successful businesses use employment assessment tests to improve the effectiveness of the hiring process. FurstPerson’s customized solutions enable your company to find the ideal talent for your jobs. Our library of assessment tools includes aptitude tests, job simulators, and personality tests... Read More
  • Ability

    1stContact ® 1stContact evaluates a person’s ability to integrate information, apply it effectively, and solve problems. 1stContact measures verbal and numerical problem-solving abilities using a scenario-based, multiple choice format. -15 minutes to complete -3 languages -200+ research... Read More
  • Motivation

    1stScreen ® 1stScreen evaluates a candidate’s behavioral tendencies and interpersonal style. Based on the Big-Five model of personality, 1stScreen measures a candidate’s characteristics that affect social interaction, performance, retention, and motivational fit with a job and environment. -8... Read More
White Papers by FurstPerson
  • Cost of Attrition Worksheet By

    FurstPerson developed the Cost of Attrition worksheet to enable organizations to calculate the actual cost of an employee leaving the company. The worksheet organizes hiring activities and investment areas by category. In using this tool, companies can estimate the fully baked cost of attrition.... Read more
  • Developing a Quality of Hire Report Card for A+ Results By

    Finding and hiring top-notch talent is no easy feat. Riffling through resumes, screening candidates and engaging in multiple rounds of interviews and assessments to acquire new employees takes resources - namely money and time. Bottom line: hiring is an investment. It’s hard work. Despite this,... Read more
  • 15 Must-Ask Questions Before Implementing a Pre-Hire Assessment Process By

    Companies that take a long, hard look at their hiring processes realize skills and abilities carry a lot of weight. The pre-hire assessment process is one of the more effective means for getting an objective and standardized measurement of characteristics that are relevant to a job. Tests and... Read more