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  • Risky Business: Harnessing the Power of Diversity

    We live in a world where there is a lot of talk about diversity. In our attempts to be sensitive and supportive we sometimes forget that there is power in the diverse viewpoints and experiences people have. Being able to think outside the box and come at a problem from a different angle is... Read More
  • Surviving the 9-5: Stress Management Training Series

    Stress is a normal part of most workplaces, but when your employees and staff don't have the tools to deal with their stress effectively then productivity, communication and the work environment all take a hit. If your employee's feel like they are drowning under the pressures and expectations... Read More
  • Coaching

    Sometimes our goals seem outside our reach and we need to support to identify the tools needed to enhance our performance and personal satisfaction. Coaching is an excellent way to take specific steps to address areas of tension and dissatisfaction in your life. Whether it is a personal project,... Read More
  • Stress Management in Uncertain Times

    This interactive seminar is a place for your teams to learn more about the emotional impact COVID-19 is having, get validation for their experiences and gather resources and support to help them continue to weather the uncertainty we are all facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. These sessions... Read More
  • Share Your Story Series

    Let’s talk about race...differently Maybe you’ve taken the time to learn more about racial inequality and know you’re ready for the next step but don’t know how to get the conversation started… Maybe you’re leading a group in discussion and action around diversity but realize you haven’t had... Read More

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