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Threat Assessment Group (TAG) was the world's first company devoted to workplace violence and misconduct prevention (1987) and the first to provide formal training in the field (1993). TAG's philosophy – Safety First, Fairness Second – derives from the ethics and values of medicine and public health. TAG's methods derive from psychiatry, psychology, criminal investigation, criminology, and decades of experience.

Founded in 1987 by Park Dietz, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D., TAG, Inc., was the outgrowth of Dr. Dietz's unique combination of practical and research experience in injury prevention, the analysis of threatening communications, mental disorders, and criminal behavior. In the previous decade, from 1978-1987, he had advised the universities where he taught and numerous corporations on the risks associated with threatening employees and students, violent customers, extortion, bomb threats, and product tampering, and he saw that simply reacting to crises was not enough. A systematic, proactive approach was needed. From the start, TAG has focused on crisis prevention through early warning systems, early intervention, and the prompt and safe resolution of behavioral problems as they arise.

TAG's principles and training are based on the ethics, principles, and scientific findings of medicine, psychiatry, psychology, public health, and criminology. The first company to provide formal training in the field of workplace misconduct mitigation (1993), TAG has partnered with many of the world's leading employers to develop innovative and best practices in workplace misconduct mitigation and the management of misconduct in work settings.

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TAG E-Learning TAG’s E-Learning products consist of three suites of training programs for three different audiences who differ in the degree of responsibility they have for managing the risk of workplace misconduct. The suites may be licensed for use on your company’s Learning Management System or for use... Read more »

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Case Consulting TAG’s case consultation services began more than 30 years ago with a focus on threats, stalking, violence prevention, and product tampering, as an outgrowth of the founder’s ground-breaking original research on these topics. Since then, TAG’s experts have diversified and include not only... Read more »

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TAG Live Training TAG offers comprehensive live training in workplace violence prevention. We'll come to you, anywhere your people work. With programs that are tailored to every level of an organization – including professionals who manage violence risk, managers & supervisors, employees, faculty, students, and... Read more »

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