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  • PayParity

    Potential employees - and potential investors - are increasingly evaluating companies based on their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Whether proactively safeguarding your reputation or protecting against litigation risk, transparency and concrete action plans are... Read More
  • Affordable Care Act Compliance

    You already have software to manage every aspect of the employee journey. But all the software in the world won’t help you if your ACA reporting data is flawed. Our technology solves the people and process failures that drive penalties, many of which are created by disparate, inaccurate or... Read More
  • Pay Data Reporting

    To demonstrate commitment towards equal pay, some states are mandating organizations to report on employee pay data, much like the EEO-1 Component 2 reporting required by the EEOC in 2019. Although Component 2 reporting had been suspended, it is expected to return under the Biden administration,... Read More

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  • The Pay Equity Communications Planner By

    Ready to talk the talk with pay equity? Our Pay Equity Communications Planner provides step-by-step instructions on how to talk about pay equity to employees, investors, the c-suite, and other key stakeholders. Read more
  • The Pay Equity Definitive Guide By

    The Pay Equity Definitive guide includes a comprehensive list of ALL the different pay equity laws and a heat map that outlines where the most stringent pay equity laws are surfacing. Download the guide now. Read more
  • Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Research Report By

    Find out what organizations are doing differently to make DEI initiatives more impactful in our research study conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. Read more

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