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Compare Unemployment Insurance Administration companies to oversee the management and administrative tasks associated with filing and responding to unemployment claims from former employees and maintaining compliance related to the unemployment benefits of your team.

Unemployment Claims Management: Supervisor Training, Pre-Termination Guidance, Claims Processing, Hearing Preparation, Hearing Representation, Ruling Appeals, Charge Auditing, Record Maintenance, Online Reporting & More.
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Transition Services Inc.

Fully Outsourced SUB-Plan Administration


Outsource your employee severance and off-boarding programs to ensure the smoothest possible transition for your employees. TSI will partner with your organization to design, implement, and administer a Supplemental Unemployments Benefits (SUB) Plan to provide a seamless experience for your permanently and temporarily displaces employees.

UC Alternative

Unemployment outsourcing designed to outperform.

Rating: 5/5 - 3 reviews


UC Alternative has solutions for employers of any size. We provide comprehensive unemployment claims management & cost control; hiring credits; and employment & wage verification services. Our award-winning UI system simplifies workload, mitigates costs, and wins more claims. Our robust...

Unemployment Cost Management: Reduce your workload and the total cost of managing unemployment claims with one of the nation’s leading providers.
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PDR Benefits

PEO Payroll Processing & HR Services

Rating: 5/5 - 3 reviews


PDR promotes a governing philosophy of “getting it right.” Care is taken to gather correct and accurate data and information from clients so that payroll and related services we offer can be executed successfully. This approach helps ensure appropriate safeguards are firmly in place. Our...

SpruceHR is an Administrative Services Organization (ASO). We provide our clients with a scalable and customizable package of administrative and human resources services and solutions that helps businesses like yours achieve goals by controlling costs, reducing risks and elevating the...

T&C Shield: Want to reduce time spent on claims while increasing visibility of company-wide performance? Thomas & Company’s Secure Human Resource Information Exchange Loading Device (SHIELD) is the most secure, intuitive, and efficient communication platform for unemployment claims management. SHIELD...
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Unemployment Insurance Administration: Successfully Navigate Terminations & Unemployment Benefits Letting an employee go is difficult for all parties involved. It can be difficult on a personal level, and it requires tedious paperwork and the painstaking processes associated with unemployment insurance (UI) claims. We can’t help you...
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Unemployment Tracker helps businesses track, handle, and fight unemployment insurance claims, allowing business leaders to focus their time, money, and resources not on the employees of yesterday—but on the team they have today and the one they’re building for tomorrow.

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