Mental Health Awareness Training Compare 12 Companies

Explore companies that provide mental health awareness training to help HR professionals and leaders support employee mental health and recognize warning signs that someone may be experiencing a mental health crisis.

Mental Health Training for Employees At Every Level: Employees at all levels will learn the basics of how to support their own and others’ mental wellbeing through this self-paced, mobile-friendly eLearning course. It also collects anonymous data on how they're currently feeling.
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Step into a world of vibrant workplace connections with Confetti! Confetti is used by over 8,000 companies to plan memorable virtual team building experiences. With 300+ "ready-to-book" activities for improving company culture and employee engagement, our platform makes it easy to...

Workplace Mental Health Ally Certificate. Become a workplace mental health ally through our custom experience for HR and people managers. The certificate equips HR professionals and people managers to understand critical mental health topics and identify appropriate approaches to help. The certificate was developed by Psych Hub, the leading provider of mental health education, connection, and engagement solutions, in partnership with SHRM and SHRM Foundation.

Whatever type of mental health training programs you need, EdgePoint Learning is here to help. If you are ready to start exploring your options for mental health training for employees, we offer a training needs analysis to help you design a training program tailored to your company, employees, and culture. Mental health training programs aim to teach employees and managers about common mental health conditions and reduce the stigma surrounding them. Learn to spot the warning signs for depression, burnout, anxiety, and excessive stress and sensitive, effective ways to inspire your employees to seek help.

Mental health awareness has never been more important. Our mission is to give managers the skills and knowledge they need to effectively help staff experiencing mental health issues. We want managers to know how to interact with staff to keep them healthy, productive and in work so that your role as a manager is easier. There's a lot of time, energy and money to be saved by reducing turnover, absenteeism and presenteeism - and that's what our courses are all about.

Mental health online training, designed by trainers with 15+ years of onsite training experience. The estimated time for this training is 120 – 150 min. EEOC aligned: EEOC aligned courses that are yearly reviewed & updated to meet the latest standards. Instant Access: After purchasing, get immediate access to the online course. Printable Certificates: Upon completion, trainees will receive a printable certificate and wallet card. For businesses: We offer company accounts and bulk discounts.

Certified Caregiving Mentor: As a Certified Caregiving Mentor, you support colleagues in caregiving and after-caregiving situations. You can help colleagues by suggesting resources and benefits which can help. Because you understand your organization's culture, industry and busy season, you can offer unique insights to...
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The Workplace Mental Health Institute (WMHI) provides HR, OHS and management with the tools, evidence-based strategies, and education for all things Mental Health and Wellbeing. We develop workplace wellness programs tailored to the organization that have a robust ROI, and provide practical...

Good health IS good business! Get the conversation about mental health and wellbeing started with our support! Employee wellbeing in the workplace is now seen as business critical and when done well will create a positive impact on employee wellbeing, retention, employee engagement, performance...

Mind Share Partners is a national nonprofit changing the culture of workplace mental health so both employees and organizations can thrive. Through movement building, custom training, and strategic advising, we normalize mental health challenges to promote a mentally healthy and sustainable way...

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